Islam covers all religions and a revelation of the Quran states all messengers of God and prophets taught the teachings of Islam. Then what is the Islam?

The word Islam means to obey God absolutely or to entrust to God everything. It also can be explained as the word peace. If one researches back to the Arabic derivation of the word Islam, he will find that it comes from the noun Islam which is derived from the Arabic verb Salima which means: free, escape from, safe and sound, no mistake, and proved clearly. In other words, Islam could be written to mean the way to freedom, the way to emancipation which escapes from all sufferings and the way to safety and health.

In Buddhism, its own term Buddhism means to enter into the status of Boddhi Sattva and attain the state of spiritual awakening and to follow absolutely. Shintoism has the similar term Kamunagara. These are all different names for the state of spiritual release of man.

Similar terms exist in Scientology which are stated as the never-before-attained spiritual levels of Clear and OT. (OT means Operating Thetan. Thetan is the Scientology term for spiritual entity or spiritual being.)

In the sense of pursuit of spiritual freedom, Islam and Scientology have much in common.

Mr. Hubbard left two letters addressed to leaders of Buddhism where he declared that Scientology could make the achievements of the state of Bodhi possible to all in two or three years and suggested that leaders of Buddhism send two young men from each sect to train in the Scientology teachings and bring those teachings back to their sects.

Islam means the way to be free and the way to emancipation. To achieve the spiritual states of Clear and OT in Scientology one has to study and apply what he learns in what is termed The Bridge to Total Freedom. This Bridge is actually a chart that outlines the path of studies and applications that one has to travel to attain this freedom. In the sense of pursuit of spiritual freedom, Islam and Scientology have much in common.

III. The Composition of Man from a Standpoint of Scientology and Islamic Philosophies