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June 25, 2020   •   

Does Turkey’s New System for Changing Religious Affiliation Online Presage a More Tolerant Religious Atmosphere?

Turkey has launched an “ e-Government Gateway ” system. Does this offer new opportunities for discrimination?

June 25, 2020   •   

U.S. Watchdog Proposes ‘Binding Agreement’ With Pakistan to Combat Blasphemy Laws and Persecution of Minority Ahmadiyya Muslims

The USCIRF says the United States should create a binding agreement aimed at addressing religious freedom violations in Pakistan.

June 25, 2020   •   

Vatican Calls for Curbs on Religious Intolerance and Discrimination

The Vatican calls on OSCE member states to protect religious freedoms against a rising tide of discrimination and intolerance adversely impacting the fundamental rights of minority communities, during the coronavirus pandemic.

June 21, 2020   •   

Geneticist Winner of Templeton Prize Unites Faith and Science

Director of the National Institutes of Health Francis Collins, who headed the team that completed the Human Genome Project n 2003, is awarded the 2020 Templeton Prize. Past recipients have included Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

June 20, 2020   •   

Survey Finds Faith Strengthened by the COVID-19 Pandemic

One in four Americans reports their faith has become stronger as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a nationwide survey.

June 19, 2020   •   

First Observant Sikh Woman to Graduate From West Point

The first observant Sikh in the 218-year history of the United States Military Academy at West Point made history June 13 when she graduated from the distinguished institution.

June 13, 2020   •   

Persecution of Baháʼís in Iran Continues Unchecked

Prisoners of conscience of Iran’s banned Baháʼí faith, recently furloughed to alleviate overcrowding in the nation’s unsanitary jails facing COVID-19 outbreaks, are being summoned back behind bars.

June 11, 2020   •   

Bitter Winter: A Voice for China’s Oppressed

Bitter Winter, a cooperative enterprise by scholars, human rights activists, and members of religious organizations persecuted in China.

June 8, 2020   •   

Pope Calls For a More Habitable and Humane Society on World Environment Day

Urging global solidarity aimed at respecting and protecting the planet’s biodiversity, Pope Francis addressed a letter to Colombian President Ivan Duque in celebration of World Environment Day June 5.

June 4, 2020   •   

Christians Denied Food Aid During COVID-19 Pandemic

As financial and food insecurity ravages much of the world in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam and Pakistan governments and aid agencies are denying food aid to disadvantaged minority Christians because of their faith.