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June 20, 2021   •   

Baptist Minister and Champion of Religious Freedom Rev. Suzan Johnson Cook Lives a Life of Faith

As America celebrates Juneteenth as a national holiday for the first time, we feature a profile on Sujay, Rev. Suzan Johnson Cook, the first African-American and first woman to hold the position of U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom.

June 15, 2021   •   

Greater Protection for Religious Freedom in Nigeria: A Matter of Life or Death

In an article published June 10 on, International Christian Concern (ICC) focuses on the plight of Christians in Nigeria. The Washington, D.C.

June 9, 2021   •   

Summit Announced to Forward Religious Freedom Across the World

Sam Brownback, co-chair of the IRF Summit 2021, launches a program to engender “international religious freedom for everyone, everywhere all the time.”

June 8, 2021   •   

U.S. Catholic Bishops Set June 22-29 as Religious Freedom Week

On the theme "Solidarity in Freedom,” the Committee for Religious Liberty of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops promotes religious freedom for people of all faiths.

May 19, 2021   •   

New York Jewish Charity Helps Fight Food Insecurity in the Muslim Community Over Ramadan

This Ramadan, Met Council, a New York City-based Jewish nonprofit, provided kosher food to Muslim families experiencing food insecurity.

May 17, 2021   •   

German Court Rules in Favor of Scientologist Dismissed From Job Because of His Faith

Victory for the constitutional right of every German citizen to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

April 29, 2021   •   

Church of Scientology Pastor Reflects on the Role of the Religion Communicator in Today’s World

Pastor of the Church of Scientology Nashville and vice president of Religion Communicators Council (RCC) Board of Governors, Brian Fesler is a decades-long veteran in the art of making religion meaningful across religious and cultural divides.

April 21, 2021   •   

Irish Religious Leaders Urge British, EU Politicians to Find Solutions to Recent Street Violence

These challenges can only be addressed by political leaders coming together with a genuine desire to find solutions. they say.

April 20, 2021   •   

Muslims Celebrate a Much More Normal Ramadan Compared to 2020

Islam’s holiest month of Ramadan began April 13 under more relaxed restrictions compared to last year.

April 16, 2021   •   

Archbishop of Canterbury Praises Prince Philip’s ‘Remarkable Willingness’ to Take Life as it Came

The death of Duke of Edinburgh at age 99 on Easter Friday led to an outpouring of grief across the world.