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February 21, 2024   •   

Fuyang Maizhong Reformed Church Raided Yet Again

Hundreds of pastors protest CCP action to shut down all but government-controlled houses of worship.

January 17, 2024   •   

USCIRF Condemns China’s Egregious Religious Freedom Abuses

Systematic, ongoing violations of religious freedom

January 4, 2024   •   

China Tightens Its Grip on Christian Groups

Government requires adherence to the sinicisation of Christianity

September 13, 2023   •   

Chinese Government Guidelines Impose Increased Political Influence on Religious Venues, Sermons and Activities

China has implemented new repressive guidelines.

August 30, 2023   •   

Dalai Lama Named U.S.-Born Boy as Reincarnated Spiritual Leader

Defying the Chinese Government’s claim that it alone may name Tibetan Buddhist leaders.

March 28, 2023   •   

China Introduces ‘Smart Religion’ App

Observant Chinese in Henan must register on a government app to attend religious services.

December 12, 2022   •   

Controversy Over Vatican’s Recent Renewal of Accord with China

The Vatican has come under criticism from human rights advocates.

September 18, 2022   •   

UN Reports Possible Crimes Against Humanity in China

High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet issued a report accusing China of violations amounting to crimes against humanity.

August 29, 2022   •   

Indian Parliament Urged to Recognize the Dalai Lama with the Bharat Ratna award

India’s highest civilian award

August 18, 2022   •   

NBA Center’s Interfaith Basketball Camp in Jerusalem

Enes Kanter Freedom holds a clinic in basketball and mutual understanding

July 8, 2022   •   

Former Vatican Envoy to Hong Kong Warns of China’s Crackdown

Catholic missions should brace for an even grimmer future, as civil liberties continue to crumble in the former British colony.

June 10, 2022   •   

A County in Xinjiang Province Suffers the World’s Highest Incarceration Rate

Nearly one in 25 Muslim residents of Konasheher County has been imprisoned on terrorism charges.

May 31, 2022   •   

Hong Kong Cardinal and Critic Accused of Violating National Security

90-year-org cardinal arrested and charged for raising funds for Hong Kong activists.

May 21, 2022   •   

China’s Crackdown on Online Religions Heightens Fears of Digital Persecution

Government regulations forbid posting religious information on the internet without prior official permission.

February 20, 2022   •   

U.S. Ban of Imports From Xinjiang Province Seeks to Pressure China to End Abuse of Religious Minorities

In December 2021, with the Olympics on the horizon, U.S, Senate approved banning imports from China’s Xinjiang province.

August 3, 2021   •   

American Family’s ‘Freedom Trek’ in the Rockies Rallies Support for the Uyghurs in China

An American family has taken to the Colorado wilderness to focus public attention on human rights abuse occurring 6,700 miles away in China’s northwestern Xinjiang province, home to the minority Muslim Uyghur community.

January 7, 2021   •   

In Memoriam: Andrea Han Jingtao, Underground Catholic Bishop in China

Bishop Andrea Han Jingtao, a leader in China’s underground Catholic Church, died December 30 at age 99.

October 20, 2020   •   

House Passes Bill to Block Goods Made by Muslim Detainees in China

House of Representatives approves legislation to ban imports from Xinjiang, based on reports of more than 1 million Muslim Uyghurs and other minority Muslim ethnic groups being detained and subjected to forced labor.

June 11, 2020   •   

Bitter Winter: A Voice for China’s Oppressed

Bitter Winter, a cooperative enterprise by scholars, human rights activists, and members of religious organizations persecuted in China.

June 4, 2020   •   

Uyghur Activist Appointed as Commissioner to U.S. Religion Watchdog

An activist for the rights of the Muslim Uyghur community in China’s Xinjiang province has made history by becoming the first member of that minority group to be appointed to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).

May 15, 2020   •   

USCIRF Urges Sanctions Against Chinese Officials

USCIRF Annual Report calls for China to be once again be designated on the State Department’s list of “Countries of Particular Concern,” citing crimes against the Uygar, Kazakh and Kyrgyz Muslims, Tibetan Buddhists, Christians, and Falun Gong practitioners.

May 15, 2019   •   

The Plight of the Uyghur People in the Holy Month of Ramadan

Throughout the Islamic world, Ramadan is a time of contemplation and renewal. But in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, its observance has been outlawed.

February 23, 2018   •   

Congress Initiative to “Adopt” Prisoners of Conscience

Congressman Randy Hultgren of Illinois is advocating for the release of poet Zhu Yufu, imprisoned in China three times since 1999. His current 7-year sentence that began in 2011 was for “inciting subversion” at least in part for writing and publishing this poem: The Square belongs to everyone.

September 8, 2017   •   

China Enacts New Regulations That Restrict Faiths Practiced Outside Organizations Not Approved by the State

China’s cabinet has passed new rules to regulate religion to bolster national security, “fight extremism” and restrict faith practiced outside organizations approved by the State.