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November 19, 2021   •   

Campaign in Support of a Pastor Jailed in Cuba for his Peaceful Protest

A human rights organization calls on people to join the campaign to secure the release of a pastor in Cuba jailed for participating in peaceful protests.

November 18, 2021   •   

Senate Considers Appointing First Muslim Ambassador for International Religious Freedom

Last month, the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee considered President Joe Biden’s nomination of Rashad Hussain as Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom.

November 16, 2021   •   

Muslim Americans Donate More to Charity Than the General Population, Study Finds

Study suggest high levels of charity by American Muslims may in part reflect “efforts to fight Islamophobia.”

November 15, 2021   •   

‘God’s way’ of Farming Revolutionizes Agriculture in Zimbabwe

Foundations for Farming, a Christian nonprofit in Africa, uses an eco-friendly method of cultivating crops.

November 13, 2021   •   

New Salvation Army Report on Modern Day Slavery: The Problem is Still With Us

Modern-day slavery in the UK worsened despite the pandemic, according to a report released in October 2021.

November 12, 2021   •   

Religion Adds $1.2 Trillion Annually to the U.S. Economy

According to a 2016 study, religion contributes an average of $1.2 trillion every year to the U.S.—a sum greater than the combined annual revenues of the world’s 10 leading tech companies.

November 9, 2021   •   

In Memoriam—Albert Raboteau, African-American Religious Historian

Raboteau’s pioneering work on the history and religious experience of American slaves changed the way Black culture and religion are studied in America.

November 8, 2021   •   

Sailors Call on U.S. Navy to Honor Their Religious Commitment

An Orthodox Jewish sailor and three Muslim colleagues have challenged U.S. Navy policy that allows sailors to wear beards for medical reasons but not religious ones.

November 2, 2021   •   

Jewish Teen’s Gesture of Help Creates a Profound Impression on an Imam

A Muslim cleric in Oklahoma City was overcome with emotion by a Jewish teen’s gesture of love and empathy.

October 24, 2021   •   

Religious and Human Rights Groups Advocate for 2,763 Missing Yazidi Women and Children

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and top European Union, British and Canadian officials urged to persist in locating nearly 3,000 Yazidi women and children missing since captured seven years ago