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December 5, 2023   •   

A Potent Weapon Against the Hamas Attack and the Spike in Antisemitic Incidents

October 7 attack on Israel and antisemitic incidents inspired a New York Upper East Side Orthodox congregation to counter the crisis with matchmaking.

November 30, 2023   •   

Native Americans Lead Multi-Faith Prayer Gathering to Protect Sacred Land

Apache tribal members mounting a court challenge to construction of a copper mine are joined by diverse groups

November 16, 2023   •   

German Daycare Center Named for Anne Frank Rescinds Name Change Amid National Debate

School agrees to retain its original name.

November 16, 2023   •   

Sikh Festival of Bandi Chhor Divas Celebrates Religious Freedom

A tale of upholding the values of freedom, equality and compassion

November 15, 2023   •   

Nearly 300,000 in D.C. Rally Against Antisemitism

Calling for an end to antisemitism in America and everywhere

November 14, 2023   •   

ADL and CAIR Report Dramatic Surge in Antisemitic and Islamophobic Incidents

Public officials urged to do everything in their power to stem the rising tide of hatred

November 14, 2023   •   

French Protest Against Rising Antisemitism Prompts Heightened Security and Presidential Condemnation

Expressing solidarity with the country’s Jews

November 9, 2023   •   

Nobel Peace Laureate Ends Hunger Strike in Iranian Prison

Serving 12 years of multiple prison sentences in Iran for her public opposition to the Islamic Republic of Iran

November 7, 2023   •   

Israel, Hamas, and My Sister

In Israel, “We’re just trying to live another day.”

November 7, 2023   •   

Native American Heritage Month

Indigenous peoples lived, built civilizations, brought forth culture, fine arts and trade tens of thousands of years ago when the ancestors of the European usurpers were still living in caves.