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November 29, 2022   •   

Ahmadiyyas Open Mosque in Zion, Illinois

The new mosque memorializes the “prayer duel“ that confirmed Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as the Messiah

November 28, 2022   •   

Religion: Humanity’s Greatest Invention

Author,Yuval Noah Harari believes humanity’s greatest invention is not the wheel, the printing press, or harnessing the atom, but religion.

November 27, 2022   •   

World War II Operetta by Holocaust Survivors Premieres After 77 Years

In 1944 they escaped the Nazis and were allowed to stay in the United States­­ provided they each signed an agreement to return to Europe at war’s end.

November 20, 2022   •   

Scientology and the Mejora Foundation Present the 9th Annual Religious Freedom Awards

Ceremony held at the Madrid-based National Church of Scientology of Spain.

November 11, 2022   •   

She Was Anne Frank’s Best Friend And The Last Loving Face To See Her Alive

Hannah-Elizabeth Pick-Goslar (1928–2022) and her memories of her best friend Anne

November 10, 2022   •   

Religious Minority Students Expelled from School in Pakistan

A private school network has expelled Ahmadi schoolchildren because of their faith.

November 8, 2022   •   

Pew Survey: 45 Percent of U.S. Adults Want America to be a ‘Christian Nation’

But they differ widely on what that means.

November 3, 2022   •   

Islamic Call to Prayer Launched From Mosque in Cologne

A religious precedent at one of Germany's largest and grandest mosques

November 1, 2022   •   

Hindu Group Sues State of California For Taking Aim at Caste

A Hindu advocacy organization has accused California’s civil rights agency of violating the constitutional rights of Hindu Americans

October 25, 2022   •   

Schisms in India’s U.S. Diaspora Reflect Hindu-Muslim Tensions

After decades of peaceful coexistence, relations among Indian Americans from the Hindu and Muslim faiths are showing signs of strain.