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March 30, 2023   •   

Ramadan: A Quarter of the World Comes Together to Fast and Pray

Two billion faithful commemorate Ramadan.

March 30, 2023   •   

‘City of Faith’ Exhibition in New York Spotlights Religion and Race in Urban Space

Exhibition focuses on South Asian and other minority communities.

March 29, 2023   •   

Catholic Church in Nigeria to Plant 5.5 Million Trees in 5 Years

Countering the effects of climate change

March 28, 2023   •   

China Introduces ‘Smart Religion’ App

Observant Chinese in Henan must register on a government app to attend religious services.

March 20, 2023   •   

Book Review: James Schreiner’s The Art of Saving Your Soul

Daily missives from a Christian space

March 19, 2023   •   

Another Peace-Maker Falls to Violence: “Bishop Dave” O’Connell

The brotherhood of peace-lovers brought down by violence added a new member last month.

March 12, 2023   •   

Seattle Passes Historic Law

It is the first city in the United States to outlaw discrimination based on caste.

March 12, 2023   •   

Thai Buddhists Celebrate Makha Bucha—National Gratitude Day

Thousands of Buddhists in Thailand celebrate the faith’s first major festival of the year.

March 9, 2023   •   

Jews Celebrate Purim: Their Victory Over Evil in Ancient Persia

One of the most joyous of holidays on the Jewish calendar

March 9, 2023   •   

Pope Francis Calls for Economic Prosperity and Peace in Africa

Pope Francis condemns exploitation of Africa as “economic colonialism.”