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February 15, 2024   •   

Celebrating Unity and Tradition: Sadeh Festival Bridges Cultural and Religious Diversity

Adherents of Iran’s minority Zoroastrian celebrate Sadeh, an ancient festival that marks the end of the coldest winter days

February 15, 2024   •   

Holocaust Survivors Unite With Victims of Bosnia Massacre in Jewish-Muslim Initiative for Genocide Prevention and Peace

Joint observation of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

February 15, 2024   •   

Museums Charged to Return Sacred Indigenous Items And Human Remains

“Repatriation isn’t just a rule on paper, but it brings real meaningful healing and closure to people.”

February 15, 2024   •   

“This Is for Every Little Rez Kid” – Lily Gladstone’s Home Is Over the Moon About Her Historic Golden Globe Triumph

The language of the Blackfoot is a casualty of the ethnocidal Indian boarding schools.

January 30, 2024   •   

31 Historic Black Churches Receive Preservation Grants Totaling $4Million

“These places of worship... must exist for future generations to understand who we were as a people.”

January 30, 2024   •   

South America’s Indigenous Defend Sacred Sites Against Lithium Miners

“Everything that exists on our planet has life”

January 17, 2024   •   

Armenian Christians in Jerusalem Battle Once-Secret Deal That Would Cost Them a Fourth of Their Land

Protests halt developement of a large section of the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem

January 17, 2024   •   

USCIRF Condemns China’s Egregious Religious Freedom Abuses

Systematic, ongoing violations of religious freedom

January 17, 2024   •   

Watch Night: For Many Black Americans a Meaningful Way to Mark the New Year

Commemorating the night of December 31, 1862, on the eve of the Emancipation Proclamation going into effect

January 4, 2024   •   

China Tightens Its Grip on Christian Groups

Government requires adherence to the sinicisation of Christianity