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March 20, 2024   •   

Disturbing Pattern of Mosque Demolition Continues Unabated in India

India’s historic Sunehri mosque is targeted for destruction

October 23, 2023   •   

Hindus the World Over Celebrate the Triumph of Good Over Evil: Dussehra

May they soon be realities we can celebrate every day of the year.

August 29, 2022   •   

Indian Parliament Urged to Recognize the Dalai Lama with the Bharat Ratna award

India’s highest civilian award

August 17, 2022   •   

YouTube Channel Reunites Long-Lost Relatives Across South Asia’s Religious Divide

75 years after partition, the Punjabi Lehar YouTube channel brings closure to separated families.

August 10, 2022   •   

Muslim-Hindu Conflict in India at Odds With Their Centuries-Old Cultural Alliance

Hindu-Muslim rivalry largely shaped by British colonial policies, according to two major scholars of India.

August 2, 2022   •   

Troops Rescue Thousands of Hindu Pilgrims From Flash Floods in Kashmir

They were en route to the sacred Shri Amarnathji shrine in a Himalayan cave in Jammu and Kashmir, India.

October 22, 2021   •   

Hydropower Project Threatens the Religious Heritage of Tibet, Protesters Claim

A nomadic Tibetan tribe and Buddhist monks protest a government plan to build a hydroelectric project that could destroy monasteries and temples in the Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh, India.

August 19, 2020   •   

Mosque and Temple Under a Single Roof Underscore Religious Harmony Among Indian Troops

A moving photograph of a Hindu and Muslim soldier praying side by side under the same roof has gone viral on the internet in India, highlighting the diversity and harmony in the nation’s military at a time of grave religious tension in much of civil society.

July 18, 2020   •   

Devotees in India Reignite Their Religious Faith Despite COVID-19 Restrictions

In India, one of the world’s most observant countries, temples are cautiously reopening in the wake of the pandemic.

December 19, 2019   •   

India’s New Citizenship Law Provokes Mass Protests and Violence

Violent unrest has erupted across India over a contentious new citizenship law that offers immunity to undocumented immigrants from half a dozen religious faiths but excludes Muslims.

October 22, 2019   •   

The Plight of Untouchable Christians in India Today

A 55-year-old Supreme Court lawyer from the Indian state Tamil Nadu is challenging India’s discrimination against Christian Dalits—Christians of the Hindu caste of untouchables.

July 17, 2018   •   

Are Children in India More Tolerant Than Their Parents?

Two studies show there may be a paradigm shift taking place in India on the subject of religious tolerance.

April 27, 2018   •   

India’s Indigenous Faiths Rally to Demand Their Rights

Some 10,000 men and women belonging to indigenous faiths joined forces April 24 in the town of Gumla in Jharkhand to demand recognition of their traditional religions.

April 19, 2018   •   

Indian Faith Leaders Condemn Use of Religion to Disrupt Social Harmony

Leaders of Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jain, Muslim and Sikh communities gathered in Margao in the western state of Goa April 5 to take a stand against the exploitation of religious sentiments for political gain.

August 12, 2017   •   

Attacks Against Christians in India on the Rise

Last year India was listed at number 15 on the World Watch List of the 50 most difficult countries for Christians to live in. In 2017, the country has seen nearly as many attacks against Christians so far as in all of 2016.

June 5, 2017   •   

As Ramadan Begins, India Prime Minister Urges Tolerance and Diversity

In his monthly radio program to the people of India on the second day of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized religious tolerance and diversity.

April 14, 2017   •   

Political Party Leader Urges Pluralistic Ethos for Religious Tolerance in India

In a celebration of the Sikh festival of Baisakhi April 13, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, president of Jammu and Kashmir’s statewide National Conference political party, has called for religious harmony in India.

February 12, 2017   •   

Violations of Rights of Religious Minorities in India, Report Says

A report released this week by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom details religious freedom violations in India against religious minorities and Hindu Dalits and offers recommendations for the Indian government and the U.S. government.