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April 26, 2024   •   

Testament: The Story of Moses, a Reflection

A recent Netflix number one movie was not a star-studded action adventure but a docudrama based on the story of Moses.

December 18, 2023   •   

Religious Leaders Grapple With Keeping Their Flocks Chill at A Time When Everyone Seems Irked With Everyone Else

An ice-breaking, shoulder-relaxing welcome to a place of worship is the brain-child of the Rev. Susan Sparks.

September 13, 2023   •   

The History of the Interfaith Movement and Why All Religions Should Support It

The international interfaith movement began in 1893 at the first Parliament of the World’s Religions

August 18, 2022   •   

NBA Center’s Interfaith Basketball Camp in Jerusalem

Enes Kanter Freedom holds a clinic in basketball and mutual understanding

June 23, 2022   •   

Distrust Takes A Sabbatical: The Partnership of the Pastor and the Rabbi

Rabbi Hart reached out to Pastor Harris with an idea based on the biblical concept of “shmita.“

January 20, 2022   •   

Interfaith Leaders Helped Resolve the Hostage Crisis at Texas Synagogue

Religious leaders helped defuse the tense standoff with an armed man who took four people hostage January 15 at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas.

November 25, 2020   •   

International Jewish Educational Organization Launches Interfaith Dialogue Program

An international Modern Orthodox movement to foster dialogue between Jews and people of other faiths.

October 21, 2020   •   

Scientology Prayer for Total Freedom Shared in Online Interreligious Prayer Meeting in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

With more than a million COVID-19-related deaths reported internationally and a second wave of new cases surging throughout Europe, several Scientology ministers took part in an interfaith prayer for peace and the end to the pandemic.

August 19, 2020   •   

Mosque and Temple Under a Single Roof Underscore Religious Harmony Among Indian Troops

A moving photograph of a Hindu and Muslim soldier praying side by side under the same roof has gone viral on the internet in India, highlighting the diversity and harmony in the nation’s military at a time of grave religious tension in much of civil society.

March 27, 2020   •   

Religions Share a Common Message in These Trying Times

The Golden Rule as expressed in so many of the world’s religions can help reduce stress and lessen the impact of the pandemic on people’s daily lives.

February 19, 2020   •   

A Service at the Church of Scientology Promotes Interfaith Harmony

The Church of Scientology Nashville opened its doors to all religious communities for a special service in observance of World Interfaith Harmony Week.

November 21, 2018   •   

Reflections on the Parliament of the World’s Religions

Blog by Rev. Eric Roux, president of Union of Churches of Scientology of France and Vice President of the Church of Scientology European Office of Public Affairs and Human Rights, on the Parliament of the World’s Religions 2018.

August 9, 2018   •   

Affordable Housing: a Priority for D.C. Faith Community

Affordable house is also a long-term concern of the D.C. Mayor’s Interfaith Council.

June 15, 2018   •   

Conversation on Criminal Justice Reform With Sen. Grassley

The Interfaith Criminal Justice Coalition [ICJC] and Friends Committee on National Legislation co-hosted a program on sentencing reform, Conversation on Criminal Justice Reform, with Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa.

June 4, 2018   •   

Breaking Bread With a Muslim Family During Ramadan

A unique interfaith campaign during Ramadan to foster understanding and friendship.

May 10, 2018   •   

What Can Interreligious Dialogue Do For Peace?

Church of Scientology European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights hosted a conference on the scriptural roots of interreligious dialogue, organized by the European Interreligious Forum for Religious Freedom.

May 9, 2018   •   

The Role of Religious Freedom in Building Safe, Happy and Successful Societies

Religious freedom advocates address the All Party Parliamentary Group for International Freedom of Religion or Belief of the UK.

April 27, 2018   •   

Extremists Spread Hate and Violence Through Social Media

An article in the Washington Post brings to light a brand of extremism running rampant through Facebook in India, driven by the catchphrase “love jihad.“

March 10, 2018   •   

Interfaith Conference Endorses Declaration of Religious Tolerance

More than 300 religious leaders from around the world met in Washington, D.C., in February where they signed a new declaration calling for the global protection of religious minorities and marginalized communities.