In Shi’ite Islam, there is the Prophecy of Mohammed (PBUH) who left a crucial hadith (meaning a verbal tradition) which states, “I leave you with important things. The Quran which is the book of God and my Ahlul-Bait (family of the house of God), and you may never separate them.” There is another prophecy in another hadith and that is each Quran verse has seven meanings and these meanings were handed on by Ali of the Household of The Prophet to the Imam who then passed it to the next Imam. The Imam is the spiritual leader of all of Islam per the Shi’ite teachings. These seven different meanings of the Quran verses can be either obvious or hidden. The current spiritual leader is termed the Imam Zamam, and he is now in a state of Ghaib which when translated means hidden, or absent. This Imam Zamam is in a state where no one can see, hear or touch him through the usual perceptions, so it appears that he is absent. However, he is not actually absent but rather sternly existing. This is a great and mysterious part of Islam, but it is possible such a state could be readily reached through the application of the Scientology technology and that the Imam Zamam could be experienced. Al-Hamd Li’ Llah (Thanks for God)!

VI. Practices of Scientology