Marnixschool (Antwerp)

K. Atheneum (Antwerp)

Landbouwschool (Agriculture in Stabroek)

Institut Biblique Européen, Paris, France (1957–60)

Linguistics (S.I.L. in cooperation with University of London. 1959)

Seminario Teologica Baptista, Lisbon, Portugal (1960–61)


United Protestant Church in Belgium (Genk, 1979)

Southern Baptist Convention (Phoenix, Arizona USA, 1980)

Protestantse Theologische Faculteit, Brussels, Belgium (1969–70)

Southern University, USA. Ph.D. thesis, “The Philosophy of Inmates based on the Theology of K. Barth & R. Otto” (1977)

Parthasarathy C. Academy, India: Honorary Ph.D. (1985)


Assistant Chaplain (C.I.B.I.) in the Belgian Army in Germany (1962–63)

Teacher of Protestant Religion, State Schools (1963–65)

Editor/Founder of the fortnightly magazine “Op Vrije Voeten” (1962–79)

Director/Founder of Op Vrije Voeten Youth Service (1963–79)

Founder/Administrator of the Independent Federation for Youth Services (until 1978)

Member of the Commission and Council in the Ministry of National Education and Culture (until 1978)

Founder and Chairman of the Belgian Surinam Committee (1975–92)

Administrator of the Flemish-Periodical Press Association (1967–83)

National Director of the International Christian Youth Exchange (1971–76)

National Correspondent of Ecumenical Youth Council Europe (1975–77)

Youth-minister of the Gospel Missionary Union (Zeist) for Belgium until 1970

National Director of Youth for Christ (1963–79)

Treasurer of the YFC-International Europe (1967–70)

Chaplain of the Prison System (1976–82)

Chaplain of Migrant Workers (1980–85)

Member of the General Assembly of the Schola Para Medicorum (1982–89)

Member of the U.P.C.B. (Brasschaat)

Member of the General Assembly of the Faculty for Comparative Study of Religions (1980– )

Rector of the Faculty for Comparative Study of Religions (1980– )

Professor of Philosophical Theology (1985– )

Member of Foundation “Craeybeckx, Detiège, Grootjans,” University of Antwerp (1995– )

Administrator of the World Congress of Faiths (1974– )

Administrator of the Friends of the Ethnographical Museum in Antwerp (1979– )

Member of the Ecumenical Workshop for Information in Europe (1974– )

Member of W.C.R.p. Belgium (1989– )

Advisor to the Commission Christianity-Islam of the U.P.C.B. (1981– )

Member of Baptists Ministers’ Fellowship (1979– )

Administrator of the Patronizing Committee —Jurisdiction of Antwerp (1982– )

Editor of “Acta Comparanda,” (1983– )

Reporter of “Kerk en Leven,” (1974– )

Pastor of the Multi-Lingual Baptist Church, Antwerp (1983– )

Member of the Antwerp Philosophical Association Werkgroep Kierkegaard (1990– )