Michael A. Sivertsev

EDUCATION: Ph.D. in Economics (1973). Economist on Typology of Employment Statistics, Institute of International Labour Movement, Academy of Sciences 1970-1973. Graduate School, Institute of International Labour Movement. 1959–1965, Undergraduate Student, Moscow Aviation Institute of Economics.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 1965–1969, Junior Fellow, Department of Philosophy, Institute of National Economy Plenkhanov. 1973–1976, Fellow, Institute of International Labour Movement, Academy of Sciences of the USSR. 1976–present, Senior Fellow, Institute of the USA and Canada, Russian Academy of Sciences.

AREA OF SPECIALISATION: Political Sociology with emphasis on inter-ethnic and inter-confessional interaction, political leadership typology, history and theory of culture.

RESEARCH PROJECTS: 1990–present, The Problems of Ethnic-Confessional Identity, Institute of USA and Canada, Academy of Sciences. 1985–1990, Political Leadership Models, Institute of USA and Canada. 1980–1985, Historic-Scientific Problems of Humanitarian Knowledge, Institute of USA and Canada. 1976–1980, Mathematical Models of Social Processes, Institute of USA and Canada. 1969–1976, Comparative Analyses of Employment Statistics, Institute of International Labour Movement.

FIELD RESEARCH PROJECTS: 1991 and 1992 Program “The Portrait of the Oriental Village” Daghestan. 1989 Program on Longevity, Abkhazia.

TEACHING, LECTURING: 1991–present, Associate Professor of Sociology of Religion at Russian State Humanitarian University, Moscow. 1992–present, Professor of Politics of Jewish Diaspora at Moscow Jewish University.

PUBLICATIONS/BOOKS: Typology of Interdependency of the US and Developing Countries, 1988. The Problems of Employment Statistics Typology, 1975.

RECENT ARTICLES: “Russian Political Culture and the Prospects of Multi-Party System” in USA: Economics, Politics, Ideology 1993, No. 1. “Political Movements and Parties: Origins and Prospects” in USA: Economics, Politics, Ideology, 1993, No. 2. “Charismatic Leadership: The Problems of Political Leadership”, 1993. “Daghestan Interviews” with co-author E. Rashkowski in Russia and the Moslem World, 1993, No. 1. “The Effect of Traditional Cultural Discourse on the Formation of a Polycentric Image of the Fundamental Science” in Orient in Theories and Hypothesis, 1992. “Islam in Daghestan” in Russia and the Moslem World, 1992, No. 6. “The Fates of Culture in the Religious Philosophy of Paul Tillich” in The Christian, 1991, No. 3–4.

PARTICIPATION IN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES: “Xenophobia, Racism, Anti-Semitism”, Moscow, 1993. “Judaic-Christian Dialogue”, Eizenakh, Germany, 1992. “The European Thinking and the European Idea”, Aalborg, Denmark, 1991.

PUBLIC SERVICE: 1990–1993, Chairman, Moscow Partnership on Spiritual Dialogue; 1995, Appointed Chairman for New Religions of the Board of Cooperation with Religious Organisations of the Office of the Russian President.