Professor Silvio Calzolari, Higher Institute of Religious Sciences, affiliated with the Theological Faculty of Central Italy in Florence, describes L. Ron Hubbard as “one of the greatest philosophers not only of this last century but one of the biggest Western thinkers.” An Orientalist and historian of religions, Prof. Calzolari has conducted research in Japan on Taoism and Shingon Buddhism, and is also studying the interrelationships of civilizations and cultures with new religious movements.

Video Transcript:

Scientology is available to the world. Scientology is available to the people. Therefore Rome can really become the beginning of a new path. Scientology opens its frontiers and lets in its world the people, so that they get to know it. I believe it is the next level. By now Scientology has “come of age” to make itself known to the world, so that the world enters its churches; therefore Rome is an important starting point.

Rome, Eternal City, becomes again a beacon of light with the Church of Scientology here in the Eternal City. Then, I believe—and this is very important from the standpoint of dialogue between religions—that the very fact of having here in Rome such a beautiful church will allow dialogue between religions, the Christian religion on one side, the big religions that are all present here in Rome.

It’s creating, I believe—not only the Church of Scientology, but also Dianetics, also all the groups that fight for human rights, that fight against drugs, those humanitarian associations, they have been to L’Aquila, for the earthquake in Abruzzo. Therefore, what is Scientology doing? A lot! Not only in terms of improved spiritual awareness, but does a lot to help improve the level of life of people in our society. I believe all men have the right to pursue happiness and this right, I believe, Scientology can help, so that all men go toward this future of happiness and spiritual awareness.

In my opinion, he [L. Ron Hubbard] is one of the greatest philosophers of this last, but not only this last century, one of the biggest Western thinkers. A man that has revolutionized, with his vision of the world, with his extraordinary ideas, has revolutionized the lives of many people, bringing them on that way to happiness which I was talking about before. The spiritual awareness, the longing—the hoping for something better, nicer, in a different society. L. Ron Hubbard has taught Man to believe in these ideals, and fight for these ideals. A great man.