Mr. Sebonyane Alfred Tsetsane served as Regional Commissioner for the South African Department of Corrections, overseeing and managing a three-province region with eight facilities, 39 Correctional Centres and 50 Community Corrections Offices. With responsibility for all aspects of Correctional Services, including education, health care and spiritual care, he looked to the Criminon, Narconon and The Way to Happiness programs for effective impact on the lives of offenders.

Video transcript:

The programs of Scientology are very critical, if we look at the challenges that we face as society. For instance, the Criminon Program is quite a critical program for us in Correctional Services. But the results—the intended results—are that the whole society should benefit from it. The Way to Happiness, which is a program that we are running within Correctional Services, and Narconon programs as well—I think with the scourge of drugs that we are experiencing right now, it is going to mean a great deal. I believe that with the challenges that we are facing in Pretoria, not far from here, in Sunnyside, there are a lot of problems. And I believe that if we spread the word about the existence of the Church here and the programs that are running, we can get more people to get assistance and help.

L. Ron Hubbard is a great man. He is a humanitarian. He has done a lot of work. I have read some of his work. We do use some of the books that he has published. And he is I think what God has brought to the world to assist the world.