Mr. Liang Chi Tan, National Policy Advisor to the President of Taiwan, was among the distinguished guest speakers at the opening of the Church of Scientology in Kaohsiung December 7, 2013. In his address, he acknowledged the many years of service of the Church.

Video Transcript:

Your church has carried a legacy of help in our land for more than two decades. When the mega “921” earthquake hit Taiwan in 1999, it was a disaster of immense magnitude. The Church of Scientology immediately dispatched volunteers to help handle the disaster victims in distress.

And with your approach you don’t just clean up wreckage, you also deal with the spiritual rehabilitation which is so necessary. I have always understood the importance of the mind in relationship to Man’s problems. Because that is exactly what your Volunteer Ministers do.

So it came as no surprise to me that you were presented by the President of Taiwan with the “Good citizens, Good deeds” award! This is really great!

The Church has established organizations in many places around the world, providing religious philosophy and spiritual improvement. You disseminate anti-drug materials, establish administration academies, help people raise their literacy level and moral quality and improve business management. They set a good example of social betterment services, thus President Ma also validated this and he sends you a letter of greeting to acknowledge your good work.

The Church of Scientology Kaohsiung Ideal Org is the largest and the first Ideal Org in Asia. Every one of your facilities and all of your service is in keeping with your international standard and quality.

The Church of Scientology International has spread to over 160 countries in the world, and I believe with your excellent technology and many services, it will provide an even greater service platform in Taiwan and bring more hope and happiness to all Taiwanese citizens.

Thank you.