Mr. Lung-Hui Chung, Chairman, International Foundation for Peaceful Elimination of Opium Crops, was a guest speaker at the dedication and opening of the Ideal Church of Scientology of Kaohsiung. He spoke of his successful partnership with the Scientology-sponsored anti-drug program: “As a veteran of drug prevention activities in Asia, your Truth About Drugs materials have given me power and confidence. And most importantly, you have given me hope that even one person can take a giant’s step with the tools provided by your Church.”

Video transcript:

For many years I have worked on the anti-drug campaign in Taiwan and Asia. I want people to be informed of the truth about drugs and get these materials. These materials are from the Church of Scientology. Scientology empowered and encouraged me to continue. There is a hero that will never be defeated and that is Scientology.

The results that the Church of Scientology can achieve I could never have envisioned. All of the materials on drugs are in Chinese and English. The areas I work in use a lot of the materials both in Chinese and in English. Your Church also provided me with the English version of the Scientology anti-drug materials. I have distributed 3,000 copies of these materials to date. 3,000 families received help. These 3,000 multiply by 3,000 times and again by 3,000. I hope all the people on this planet can be helped by your anti-drug material.

In my childhood we went to church. I didn’t know why, but I knew two things—I could get food and clothes. This is true. I appreciated that the church gave me a chance to grow up. As an adult, I have worked with various churches. Of all of them, the best one—after 20-30 years, the one I worked the most closely with, the best, is who? Scientology!

What Scientology has given me is not bread, not matter, but spiritual help. People who are on drugs need spiritual guidelines and your anti-drug materials say it all.

To accomplish the mission of Scientology and for a better Taiwan, today is a very important day.

Thank you very much.