Rev. Dr. Paul Baiden-Adams was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and is a graduate of Rockville University in Baltimore, Maryland. For two decades he has lived and worked in London where in 2000 he founded Multicultural Support Aid Services (MCSAS)—Hearts of Love, an organization dedicated to eradicating gangs and crime. As a youth and family counselor and international ambassador for world peace, he finds his goals and activities in complete alignment with those of Scientology. Rev. Dr. Baiden-Adams considers L. Ron Hubbard a prophet, a man who “was working along with God’s wisdom.”

Video transcript:

Ron Hubbard in my opinion is a prophet. I consider he is a prophet, because God always brings specific beings and ordains them and gives them some sort of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and makes them—centered them to focus what they do. So Ron Hubbard was working along with God’s wisdom. That man was unique, and I take my hat off for Ron Hubbard. For this information, written down very accurately, there is no place you can agitate, there is nothing you can do about it, because it is uniquely, spiritually prepared. It is wonderfully done, that anyone that lays their hands on it, it becomes fruitful right away. So it must be touched one way or the other by divine, heavenly presence, which is God.

Scientology is really doing exactly what is written about them. What I read that they maintain and they always try to do what is right to help Mankind. So I believe Scientology is one of the most powerful and effective organizations that takes humans at heart, the way people will act at heart, how to educate them. Their whole agenda is to get everybody to be good. Their teachings and their materials are just good for humans. It’s good to be consumed. It’s good for a little child up to the age—any other age.

So I would love to continue working with them to pass on this positive information that is needed in this world. Look around you in this world. We are torturing ourselves just because our mental state is all selfishness. But Scientology information and the materials really help to dissolve all this selfishness, and you will always want to help somebody. I would love to encourage Scientology, every one of you who has given their total life—and I understand that most of it is done in volunteering. It takes a very unique person to dedicate the rest of their time and life to really work towards looking forward to see people live a better life. It is not easy. Like myself—to be a minister, to be a community champion, is not easy. I don’t get paid, but my pay is to see that people live a better life. So I see that I am on the same road with the Scientology team. And I encourage you guys not to stop. Continue. It doesn’t matter what the world throws at you—you just shrug it off and then move on. Because God is watching, and Almighty God will really help every one of you. God bless you.