Jean Huysmans, a member of the Public Affairs Committee of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Brussels, Belgium, stresses the importance of values. He speaks of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard as someone who really cares for people, and says that Mr. Hubbard used his strengths to help people. Mr. Huysmans understands the importance of religions and other organizations working together to make a better world.

Video transcript:

The most important thing of this Church of Scientology is that it is, again, a sign of openness and also of stressing the fact that we have to center our lives on values. And that’s what I find to be the most remarkable thing about your Church, Scientology Church, that they work around values. And when we have values-centered lives, we are going in the right direction.

It’s important that the Scientology Church is here in Brussels, because Brussels is the center of Europe. Brussels is also a center of possibilities, but also of a lot of difficulties. And I think that Brussels needs a place where people can come together to discuss the opportunities to make a better world, a better Europe, but also to find solutions for all the problems, which are in Brussels, but also in the whole of Europe. I think it is good that there is a center where people can come together and discuss these kinds of things.

And I think it is a part of the philosophy of Scientology that we don’t have to look for psychological problems to drugs or to medicines, but we have to look for solutions within ourselves and we have to work on ourselves and I think that can make a big difference. It will not enrich the medicine’s lobby, but it will enrich people.

When I think about Hubbard, I would describe him as a rock. That is what is coming to my mind every time when I think about him—it’s a rock. He is stable, he gave a fundament to people. But together with a rock I see still growing a rose on a rock.

And that’s the part of love and understanding and I think that’s a combination of Hubbard—the two—a rock and a rose.

I think he used his strength not only for his own purpose, but to help people. And he is a person who really cares for people, for their health, for their freedom and for development of their personality and that is what I really like of this person.

I am very thankful that your organization is filled with people who are not only thinking about themselves, but also about others and that you are looking to improve the world. And I think there are so many other people with the same feelings, with the same desires and I hope they can find each other and really make of this world a better world.