Minister Tony Muhammad is dedicated to building bridges between people of diverse races, religions and beliefs in Southern California and beyond. In 2012, he co-founded the United in Peace movement in the streets of South Los Angeles, bringing together rival gangs for Peace Rides through strife-ridden neighborhoods. This movement is diminishing violent crime through distribution of The Way to Happiness common-sense moral code and increased dialogue between police and the community. Minister Muhammad is a regional representative for the Nation of Islam.

Video Transcript:

All betterment groups, no matter who they are—there is a sura [chapter] in the Holy Koran called “The Allies,” and in that particular sura it talks about those who believe and want to help Man should stand shoulder to shoulder in ranks, see. And what we should do is drop all of the division, all of the false ideas and false ideology that we’ve all fallen victim to, and remove the scale from over our eyes and be able to judge a tree by the fruit it bears and judge a man or an organization by its works.

The works of the Church of Scientology should be held in high esteem of us all. So groups like the Nation of Islam, the Catholic Church, the Muslims, all over the world, if we see the good of one another, we should take that good, learn from it, get in exchange, you see, do what other nations do—trade, trade to the point of where we’re in exchange. 

And so I’m just thankful that in this hour that I’ve found a betterment group, that we were told in the Nation of Islam that at a time in our development we would meet other purified people who would show us things that we can be in exchange with and take tools back to our community and help our people.

And I’m telling you, the world would be a better place if all of us, whether we’re Catholic, whether we’re Muslim, whether we’re Baptist, whether we’re Episcopalian—you know, we should learn from one another. And that’s what I like about the Church of Scientology—you don’t hold back information, it’s here for anybody to get, it’s here for anybody to take to their own religious idea, their culture, their ethnicity. I’m telling you. And that’s the beauty, what I love. I don’t feel a stranglehold. In fact, I have become a better Muslim as a result of my relationship to the Church of Scientology.

My mentor, my leader, teacher, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, said “God hates ingratitude.” And the world should be grateful that in our lifetime along came a being known as Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, who looked into the universe, who just looked and observed and put together for all of us—he took out of the universe truths and codified them in a way and simplified them in a way and could put it in a book called The Way to Happiness that now that book is changing the reality and the lives of people from a negative to a positive. We say that when a man comes along like that, his name should be mentioned right along with the names of the saints. And we are thankful to Almighty God that a human being like Mr. Hubbard came this way. And not only did he come, he took enough responsibility to see into the future and to put a truth into the future that could change lives for better for millions and possibly trillions of years that’s in front of us. So for that we are grateful.