As executive coordinator of Interfaith Children’s Movement based in Atlanta, Georgia, Pamela Perkins Carn mobilizes the faith community to work together to ensure better lives for the next generation. She has observed that Scientologists are “focused on creating synergy” in the community through Church-supported programs in study, drug education and morals. “You could say the Church of Scientology is an excellent example of putting faith into action.”

Video Transcript:

At the Interfaith Children’s Movement we are “inter-faith” in makeup and composition. Meaning we are a movement that calls all faith traditions to work together on behalf of Georgia’s children. Because let’s face it, we are responsible for a constituency here in Georgia of 2.5 million infinite futures.

It was just a few months ago at one of our interfaith gatherings that I happened to connect with members of your church. And your first response was “Here we are! What do you need?” Well, the next thing I knew, I had all of these great materials. I mean, they gave me a stack!

And when I saw your videos, I said to myself “We should be showing these!” They are extremely well done and very on-target for our kids. And on a personal level, this helps me to understand the work, the purpose and mission of the Church.

And on a community level, I see that you are focused on creating synergy. Your focus is on study, on handling drug abuse, and on providing messages to youth about how to be understanding, compassionate and moral—and all of these lead to positive outcomes. And so you could say that the Church of Scientology is an excellent example of putting faith into action.

I have always had a vision in my work to be able to sit down at a table with fellow brothers and sisters who share a passion for humanity. And that is something that’s unique about Scientology—you’re not “apart from.” Quite the difference. Between your advocacy work and the basic tenets of the Church, you are all about building in to. You are already engaged. It’s only a matter of “What cause do we direct our energy towards?”

So welcome! Welcome to the great work of improving the well-being of Georgia’s children. And let’s dedicate our best selves to the cause of children, the cause of youth. Working together, let us create a movement of faith communities so that a new day may dawn for every child across Atlanta and all of Georgia.

Thank you so much.