The Honorable Donzella James represents Metropolitan Atlanta’s 35th District in the Georgia State Senate. A teacher in Atlanta schools for a decade and known as a strong woman of faith, her focus is on education and youth, crime reduction, and environmental issues. She is committed to providing safeguards against psychiatric abuse and overdrugging of children, partnering with watchdog organization Citizens Commission on Human Rights to bring awareness of psychiatric abuses to leaders and legislators, in her belief that “together we can take back our communities.”

Video Transcript:

Thank you very much. It is truly my honor to join you here today among so many friends. And what a first-class church you have built here.

So on behalf of the City of Atlanta and the Great State of Georgia—Welcome!

You know, I was born and raised right here in Atlanta. I love this city, I love this state. But, like the rest of America, it has deep-rooted problems—problems which I know firsthand.

You see, my stepsister was a normal, vibrant, energetic young woman. An A-plus student, valedictorian of her high school, and just full of life’s possibilities ahead.

But in her first semester of college, something happened. She started acting out. Immediately, she was swept away into a mental ward at a local hospital. We couldn’t get her out for three weeks—they said she supposedly checked herself in. But by then, after the shock treatments and the excessive medication, the girl I knew was gone.

Why are we allowing our innocent and defenseless to be drugged like zombies? Why are we drugging and overdosing the heart of our nation? Well, I believe that these are tough questions that we all have to answer.

And there is no one that I would rather stand with to face them than CCHR, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. You see, after the loss of my sister at the hands of psychiatry, I needed retribution.

Yes, she is still alive, but she’s never come back to her right mind. You see, back then we didn’t have anyone to turn to, there was nobody on our side. And when CCHR came to the halls of our state capitol with the “Psychiatry: Industry of Death” Exhibit, it captured my attention and opened my eyes real wide.

Yes, here were the people who shared my passions and hopes for change. And since that time we have partnered to bring this information, time and time again, to the leaders and legislators at the crisis points of our systems. We have introduced legislation to attack the root of the problem.

So you have my promise of never-ending support for these exhibits so we can tell everybody, “Join us and stop this madness”!

I truly believe that together we can take back our communities.

We have to work arm in arm to open people’s minds, to make their voices be heard. I have a responsibility to my family, yes, but also to generations to come. And so do you.

We all are in this together. And this amazing new Church is a place for us to reach out and keep spreading the word and going to those that need it most. It’s a mad world that we live in. But it doesn’t need more psychiatry. No, this world needs CCHR!

And to talk to the significance of this day, one must say a word on that man amongst men. That’s Mr. L. Ron Hubbard.

Now I don’t usually get excited about a single person, because I know a lot of great people. But this man is phenomenal—phenomenally phenomenal.  He didn’t just come out of nowhere. I believe that God chose him—yes!

You know, some people say “Oh, you can’t be the master of everything.” But indeed, L. Ron Hubbard was.

He was truly one of a kind, exemplary in every way. And I know, because I had the opportunity to visit the L. Ron Hubbard Exhibit in Hollywood, California. And as I walked through, I thought, “He’s not gone.” He was before his time, he was during his time, and he is still most relevant at this time! Right?

And today, this is a testament to the fact that he is still with us and his teachings will live forevermore. So, in his name, and with this grand christening today, may the Great State of Georgia be even greater.

I thank you very much. Thank you for inviting me, and this is a wonderful place that I will return over and over again. Thank you.