Mr. Gelek Yakar is a Tibetan exile and human rights advocate based in Italy. As a leading advocate for the human rights of the Tibetan people, he has seen to the translation of the booklet What are Human Rights? into the Tibetan language, a key component of his program to foster human rights education of Tibetan children. Of L. Ron Hubbard, Mr. Yakar stated: “I can but thank him for inspiring Scientologists and so sparking an international movement to bring respect for every living being, not only across Italy, but across the world.”

Video transcript:

We collaborated with the Church of Scientology and the Association of Human Rights and we carried out our project of promotion of the 30 articles of Human Rights, confirmed in the Universal Declaration. And we succeeded in bringing materials in cooperation with the Church of Scientology and the Association of Human Rights and ONLUS [nonprofit] of Monza. We were able to bring materials and a message and education on Human Rights to our Tibetan community in exile in India. We saw, along with our Italian and American colleagues, the emotion and incredible reaction from the Tibetan, be it in the monastery as well as the Tibetan exiled schools of India. This is a big success and I would like to thank the Church of Scientology and above all the Association of Human Rights and tolerance ONLUS.

I am taking the opportunity at this moment to ask the Church of Scientology, to help us and continue to do so, because we really need it in these difficult times of Tibetan history. We really need to bring the knowledge of Human Rights to our exiled community, in order to preserve our culture, that is disappearing because of Chinese invasion.

For me, it is an important and holy place, from where spreads a message, a strong message of peace, love and above all interreligious harmony. So for me, I consider it an important place that promotes and releases a message of peace, tolerance and compassion.

You have the potential to help a lot of people in the future, so keep going this way, helping people in need, keep bringing your message of peace, tolerance and interreligious harmony, that is an important item in the world of today. Thank you to you.