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August 17, 2023   •   

Synod Sparks Optimism for Long-Awaited Recognition of Women in the Catholic Church

Pope Francis’ vision of a church where women play a more significant role.

July 19, 2023   •   

Pope Francis Appoints 21 New Cardinals

The pontiff recently announced he has selected 21 new cardinals.

July 1, 2023   •   

Resonating Beyond Boundaries, Pope Francis’ Message of Peace Circles Planet Earth

A nanobook of the pontiff’s teachings transmitted from space through a satellite

March 9, 2023   •   

Pope Francis Calls for Economic Prosperity and Peace in Africa

Pope Francis condemns exploitation of Africa as “economic colonialism.”

December 15, 2022   •   

Catholic Church is Ready to Celebrate Easter on the Same Date as Orthodox Christian Churches

Catholic and Christian Orthodox Churches are close to achieving this goal.

December 12, 2022   •   

Controversy Over Vatican’s Recent Renewal of Accord with China

The Vatican has come under criticism from human rights advocates.

October 13, 2022   •   

Tormented by ‘Rivers of Blood and Tears,’ Pope Francis Pleads For a Cease-Fire in Ukraine

The pope implores Putin to “stop this spiral of violence and death.”

August 8, 2022   •   

Pope Francis Begs Forgiveness From Indigenous Peoples

The pope’s apology tour to Canada

July 28, 2022   •   

Pope’s ‘Season of Creation’ Message Echoes Diverse Cries of Anguish

“The sweet song of creation invites us to practice an ecological spirituality attentive to God’s presence in the natural world.”

June 22, 2022   •   

Pope Francis Urges ‘Cursillos’ of Christianity to Expand Community Ties, Evangelize

Encouraging members of this international apostolic movement to promote communion with others

May 22, 2022   •   

Pope Canonizes 10 New Saints

More than 45,000 people attended the first canonization since October 2019.

March 29, 2022   •   

Sister Raffaella Petrini, the Face of Women’s Empowerment in the Catholic Church

The first woman to hold a top position in the governorship of Vatican City

March 11, 2022   •   

Pope Francis Calls For Greater Appreciation of the Elderly

Pope Francis invites the world to develop “a new politics for the elderly.”

March 4, 2022   •   

Pope Urges the OSCE to Focus on Religious Freedom

The pontiff urges the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to continue making religious freedom a priority.

March 1, 2022   •   

Pope Francis Offers to Help Mediate a Halt to Russia’s War on Ukraine

The Vatican believes there is “always room for negotiations.”

September 28, 2021   •   

Pope Francis Prepares to Revamp Policymaking in Catholic Church

Pope Francis is setting the stage for an unprecedented overhaul of the power structure within the Roman Catholic Church—a change aimed at reforming the institution’s hierarchical decision-making mechanism by replacing it with a decentralized system of authority.

September 22, 2021   •   

Christian Leaders Urge the World to ‘Listen to The Cry of the Earth’

The world’s three top Christian leaders have made an unprecedented joint appeal on climate change to members of their churches.

September 15, 2021   •   

Pope Francis Urges Hungary to ‘Extend its Arms Toward Everyone’

After meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in private September 12, in a speech at an outdoor Mass attended by tens of thousands, Pope Francis urged inclusion.

September 2, 2021   •   

The Actor Who Portrays Jesus in ‘The Chosen’ is Aware of the Honor and Responsibility He Now Bears

Jonathan Roumie, a devout Roman Catholic, has been inspired in his portrayal of Jesus of Nazareth in the television series The Chosen by Pope Francis’s vision of mercy.

July 29, 2021   •   

Pope Celebrates Catholic Church’s First World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly

Pope Francis initiates World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly, urging people everywhere to reach out to older generations.

December 3, 2020   •   

Pope Francis Expands Non-European Representation in College of Cardinals

Pope Francis appointed 13 new members to the College of Cardinals in November, including the first African American and prelates from Rwanda, Brunei, Chile and the Philippines.

June 8, 2020   •   

Pope Calls For a More Habitable and Humane Society on World Environment Day

Urging global solidarity aimed at respecting and protecting the planet’s biodiversity, Pope Francis addressed a letter to Colombian President Ivan Duque in celebration of World Environment Day June 5.

April 9, 2020   •   

A Message of Hope to Rome and the World

“Thick darkness has gathered over our squares, our streets and our cities,” said Pope Francis Friday in his Urbi et Orbi (To the City [Rome] and the World) address from St. Peter’s Square.

December 26, 2019   •   

Pope Francis’ Christmas Message Focuses on Change

Pope Francis has urged the Catholic Church to think about new ways of evangelizing to counter the growing secularization of the West, describing the effort as the Church's “first and most important duty.“

November 7, 2017   •   

Government and Religious Heads Meet in Historic European Conference

At one time it was taboo in Europe for politicians to mention religion or talk about their faith.

April 30, 2017   •   

Pope Francis Takes Message of Peace to the Muslim World

In his visit to Cairo, Pope Francis met with Muslim leaders, government officials, diplomats and members of the Coptic Orthodox Church, in an impassioned campaign to counter violence perpetrated in the name of religion.

February 8, 2017   •   

Pope to Media: End Constant Focus on “Bad News,” Concentrate on Solutions

In a message from the Vatican for World Communications Day, Pope Francis urged news organizations to change the lens through which they view “reality” and to move beyond reporting only “bad news” and instead to concentrate on solutions.