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June 17, 2022   •   

Dozens of Parishioners Killed in Spiraling Religious Violence in Nigeria

Masked gunmen burst into a Sunday mass and massacred dozens of worshippers.

June 15, 2022   •   

“David” Aims to Provide “Faith Content Done Right”

Scheduled for release in the autumn of 2023, producers of this animated film seek to offer “ family entertainment.“

March 26, 2022   •   

Islamophobia is Rampant in British Media Report Claims

Two university studies warn of mounting hostility and hate crimes against minority communities in Britain.

December 14, 2021   •   

‘Muslim Artist Database’ Aspires to Change How Muslims are Portrayed in Films

A project featuring Muslim artists hopes to increase the inclusion of members of the Islamic faith in filmmaking.

August 14, 2020   •   

Religious Freedom & Business Film Competition Honors Women Filmmakers

Winners announced in a film competition that showcases the work of women filmmakers whose lives demonstrate multi-faith collaboration in the workplace, marketplace and society.

May 13, 2020   •   

Survey Shows the Pandemic Has Deepened Religious Faith for 24%

The coronavirus pandemic has reinforced or ignited religious faith in many people, according to a Pew Research poll.

July 3, 2019   •   

Faith and Freedom: The Heritage of America

Faith and Freedom: both are legacies of America’s Founding Fathers. Jefferson declared that the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were self-evident and endowed by the Creator.

May 23, 2019   •   

The Role of the Religion Communicator in the World Today

The annual convention of the Religion Communicators Council and Associated Church Press: “Seeing in New Ways: Possibilities and Perceptions.”

May 7, 2019   •   

World Press Freedom Day and the First Amendment

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

April 19, 2019   •   

German Scientologist’s Day in Court Ends in Victory

A Scientologist, wrongly dismissed from his position as personnel director at the Haus der Kunst modern and contemporary art museum in Munich, has prevailed in Court on his demand for justice and religious freedom.

July 4, 2017   •   

Religion News Service Crowdfunding Its Series on Religious Hatred in the U.S.

Religion News Service (RNS) is carrying out a crowdfunding drive through to finance a 10-story, in-depth series on efforts to combat religious hatred in the U.S.

May 23, 2017   •   

Pakistani Media Urged to Foster and Uphold Religious Tolerance

A seminar today in Lahore, India, at the School of Media and Communication Studies of the University of Central Punjab, focused on the role of media in creating religious tolerance.

April 8, 2017   •   

Religion Communicators Explore Communication Channels

Professionals in communications, advertising and public relations for faith communities convened in Chicago March 31-April 2 for the Religion Communicators Council annual conference—“Virtually Here, There and Everywhere: Faith Communications and Presence.“

April 4, 2017   •   

New Religion Communicators Council President Champions Interfaith Relations

Rev. Bud Heckman, United Methodist minister and co-founder of the Interfaith Funders Group, was elected president of the Religion Communicators Council at the group’s annual conference this past weekend in Chicago. He is a specialist in interfaith relations, philanthropy and communications.

February 8, 2017   •   

Pope to Media: End Constant Focus on “Bad News,” Concentrate on Solutions

In a message from the Vatican for World Communications Day, Pope Francis urged news organizations to change the lens through which they view “reality” and to move beyond reporting only “bad news” and instead to concentrate on solutions.