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September 2, 2023   •   

International Religious Liberty Association Celebrates 130 Years of Religious Freedom Advocacy

Advocates gathered in support of religious freedom for people of all faiths or none

August 20, 2023   •   

The Importance of Interfaith Coalitions in Defending Freedom of Religion or Belief

The Parliament of the World’s Religions returned to Chicago.

July 21, 2022   •   

Indonesia’s Plan to Expand Blasphemy Laws Puts Religious Minorities at Risk

Provisions would criminalize not just proselytization but also apostasy or renunciation of religious belief.

April 18, 2022   •   

Germany and “Cults”: the Federal Administrative Court Confirms “Sect Filters” Are Illegal

Recent decision of Germany’s Federal Administrative Court affirms the freedom of religion or belief and the freedom of religious practice of German Scientologists.

March 4, 2022   •   

Pope Urges the OSCE to Focus on Religious Freedom

The pontiff urges the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to continue making religious freedom a priority.

September 22, 2021   •   

Europe’s Special Envoy for Religious Freedom Has a Vital, Challenging Job

European Commission appoints a crisis management expert Christos Stylianides as the new special envoy for freedom of religion

August 17, 2021   •   

Bavarian Administrative Court Rules a “Sect Filter” is Illegal

A historic decision by the State Administrative Court of Appeal of Bavaria rules that requiring the signing of a controversial “sect filter ” to receive a grant for an e-bike violates the constitutional guarantee of religious freedom.

December 2, 2020   •   

Religious Freedom Awards Recognize Diversity of Faith and Tolerance

The Church of Scientology of Spain and MEJORA Foundation presented the seventh annual Freedom Awards to three Spanish scholars in an online ceremony attended by the Director of Religious Liberty in Spain’s Ministry of the Presidency.

November 30, 2020   •   

Berkley Center Addresses the Role of Religion in Global Affairs

Through research, teaching, and public engagement the Center seeks to resolve complex global challenges to peace.

November 10, 2020   •   

Southeast Asia Freedom of Religion or Belief Conference Resumes Fall Webinars

The Southeast Asia Freedom of Religion or Belief Conference (SEAFoRB), an annual assembly of religious freedom advocates, human rights groups, academics and policymakers, resumed its 2020 series of webinars today in Bangkok, Thailand.

August 31, 2020   •   

Religious Persecution Continues Unabated on International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief

The day is observed August 22 in recognition of the importance of combating hate crimes, providing sufferers appropriate assistance and support, and encouraging interfaith dialogue.

August 14, 2020   •   

Religious Freedom & Business Film Competition Honors Women Filmmakers

Winners announced in a film competition that showcases the work of women filmmakers whose lives demonstrate multi-faith collaboration in the workplace, marketplace and society.

July 19, 2020   •   

European Religious Envoy Position to be Reinstated in the Wake of Demands From Faith Leaders, Politicians and Civil Society

Facing intense pressure from faith leaders across Europe’s Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities, as well as parliamentarians, national representatives, scholars and civil society, the European Commission has decided to restore the position of Special Envoy to promote Freedom of Religion or Belief

March 10, 2020   •   

UK Urges the UN to Protect the Freedom of Religion or Belief

UK’s International Ambassador for Human Rights calls for overcoming the barriers, discrimination and persecution which restrict and prevent people from exercising their freedom of religion or belief.

February 11, 2020   •   

International Religious Freedom Alliance Launched in Washington

U. S. State Department launched the International Religious Freedom Alliance February 5 in Washington, D.C.

September 25, 2019   •   

The Anniversary of the First Amendment

As revolutionary as the American War of Independence was, the Bill of Rights was even more so, as it guaranteed the rights of the individual—something never previously incorporated incontrovertibly into law.

September 18, 2019   •   

Religious Freedom Awards Promote Tolerance and Diversity

The 6th annual Religious Freedom Awards at the National Church of Scientology of Spain acknowledged three stellar advocates of religious freedom.

June 13, 2019   •   

The Right to Religious Freedom is Nonnegotiable

At the dedication of the first mosque in Athens, Greek Minister of Education and Religious Affairs stressed that religious freedom is a human right.

June 12, 2019   •   

Day to Commemorate Victims of Violence Based on Religion

The U.N. General Assembly has adopted a resolution to establish August 22 as the Day to Commemorate Victims of Violence Based on Religion.

September 9, 2018   •   

Faith Leaders Sign Declaration of Religious Freedom

Religious leaders gathered last week at the Church of Scientology of Bogotá for an interreligious prayer service and to sign the Interconfessional Declaration of Religious Freedom in Colombia.