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November 7, 2023   •   

Israel, Hamas, and My Sister

In Israel, “We’re just trying to live another day.”

October 5, 2023   •   

How Inner Peace Can Help Promote Peace in the World

Religious leaders gathered at the Church of Scientology Kaohsiung to align the power of religion to resolve conflicts and bring peace.

April 17, 2022   •   

A Rare Concurrence: Easter, Passover and Ramadan Take Place at the Same Time This Year

Why the holidays of three of the world’s major faiths—Judaism, Islam and Christianity—coincided in mid-April this year.

March 30, 2018   •   

3,000 Muslim and Jewish Voices Raised in Peace

In evidence that people of all religions wish to live in harmony, 3,000 Jewish and Muslim men, women and children came together in Haifa to learn and sing a song of peace.