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July 30, 2022   •   

RFI Educates Students of All Ages on the Importance of Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom Institute has released a new curriculum on America’s First Freedom.

March 7, 2022   •   

Religious Freedom Legislation Wins Preliminary Approval in Missouri

Legislation from the Missouri House of Representatives aims to prevent future shutdowns of religious organizations.

November 29, 2020   •   

On Thanksgiving Weekend, Remembering That One’s Own Freedom Does Not Supersede the Rights of “The Other”

2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims sailing from England to the New World.

June 19, 2020   •   

First Observant Sikh Woman to Graduate From West Point

The first observant Sikh in the 218-year history of the United States Military Academy at West Point made history June 13 when she graduated from the distinguished institution.

October 8, 2019   •   

Spotlight on Religious Freedom at the UN

At the Global Call to Protect Religious Freedom at UN headquarters in New York, UN Secretary-General António Guterres described the state of religious freedom internationally as “a pressing global issue and one that is also very close to my heart.

June 20, 2019   •   

Sikh Airman Wins Right to Serve in Turban

Air Force rules, requiring members to be clean-shaven and to cut their hair, have been relaxed for the first time to accommodate Airman 1st Class Harpreetinder Singh Bajwa’s religious beliefs.

March 24, 2019   •   

Religious Freedom Conference at the UN Explores Solutions

International Religious Freedom: A New Era for Advocacy in Response to a New Age of Challenges and Threats at UN headquarters in New York March 1 featured international leaders in the movement to promote religious tolerance and counter oppression.

March 7, 2019   •   

Multifaith Coalition Demands an End to Media-Incited Acts of Violence

“Houses of Worship Must Be Sacrosanct—We Are Family—Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others.” This was the message a delegation of religious leaders presented to members of Congress and to a gathering of more than 100 religious leaders in Washington, D.C.

November 20, 2018   •   

25th Annual International Law and Religion Symposium

J. Reuben Clark Law School of Brigham Young University hosted the 25th Annual International Law and Religion Symposium of the International Center for Law and Religion Studies October 7 - 9.

June 10, 2018   •   

Key Points of the 2018 International Religious Freedom Reports

An analysis, published in Providence magazine highlights key points covered in the International Religious Freedom Report.

February 10, 2018   •   

On Uniting Religions to Protect the Rights of All Faiths

Scientology minister Rev. Eric Roux was a featured speaker at the International Convention: Law and Freedom of Belief in Europe, an Arduous Journey, organized by European Federation for Freedom of Belief (FOB) under the auspices of the OSCE, the Council of Europe and the Regional Council of Tuscany, Italy.