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March 7, 2019   •   

Multifaith Coalition Demands an End to Media-Incited Acts of Violence

“Houses of Worship Must Be Sacrosanct—We Are Family—Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others.” This was the message a delegation of religious leaders presented to members of Congress and to a gathering of more than 100 religious leaders in Washington, D.C.

October 29, 2018   •   

For The New York Times, the Truth About Religion is Hard

Germany is still having trouble learning the lessons of its shameful past. Religious discrimination remains alive and well, and the New York Times not only forwards it but amazingly refuses to expose it when given every opportunity.

September 3, 2018   •   

CESNUR Paper Sheds Light on the Anti-Religious Movement

One aspect of “fake news” that gets little airplay in the media is the false information generated and spread by the anti-religious movement.

May 23, 2017   •   

Pakistani Media Urged to Foster and Uphold Religious Tolerance

A seminar today in Lahore, India, at the School of Media and Communication Studies of the University of Central Punjab, focused on the role of media in creating religious tolerance.