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November 7, 2023   •   

Israel, Hamas, and My Sister

In Israel, “We’re just trying to live another day.”

November 1, 2023   •   

Tel Aviv Restaurateurs Find A Way Through Tragedy—With Food

Converting their kitchens to cater to reservists and refugees who eat only kosher food

October 18, 2023   •   

U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom Condemns Hamas Terrorist Attack

“Religious incitement” in war between Israel and Hamas

September 21, 2023   •   

Roman Javelin Unearthed in Judean Desert Could Shed Light on a Failed Revolt in 134 CE

New archeological finds may be from the Bar Kokhba revolt of the Jews during the reign of Emperor Hadrian

August 18, 2022   •   

NBA Center’s Interfaith Basketball Camp in Jerusalem

Enes Kanter Freedom holds a clinic in basketball and mutual understanding

April 19, 2022   •   

Israel President Herzog Seeks to Forge Partnerships Among the Children of Abraham

The 11th President of the State of Israel hosted 200 guests at an interfaith iftar at his home April 13—two nights before Passover.

November 25, 2020   •   

International Jewish Educational Organization Launches Interfaith Dialogue Program

An international Modern Orthodox movement to foster dialogue between Jews and people of other faiths.

September 6, 2020   •   

A New Normal in the Middle East?

Developments roll forward following the announcement August 15 of the “Abraham Accord,” that established diplomatic relations between the UAE and Israel.

October 22, 2016   •   

Biblical Scholar Views the Role of Scientology in Bridging Differences in the Middle East

Biblical scholar Dr. Rimon Kasher, professor emeritus at Bar-Ilan University in the city of Ramat Gan in the Tel Aviv District of Israel, presented his perspective on the Scientology religion when he addressed those attending the dedication August 21, 2012, of the Center of Scientology in Tel Aviv.