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January 26, 2017   •   

Faculty of Comparative Study of Religions Releases Book on Scientology

Scientology in a Scholarly Perspective, a book by a wide range of international scholars, was released today in Antwerp by the Faculty of Comparative Study of Religions and Humanism (FVG), an independent faculty established in 1980.

January 11, 2017   •   

Everyday Religious Questions: Religion scholar and columnist finds surprising similarities in world religions

Dr. Earl Crow taught religion and philosophy at two North Carolina universities—High Point, a private liberal arts university affiliated with the United Methodist Church, and Wake Forest.

October 22, 2016   •   

Biblical Scholar Views the Role of Scientology in Bridging Differences in the Middle East

Biblical scholar Dr. Rimon Kasher, professor emeritus at Bar-Ilan University in the city of Ramat Gan in the Tel Aviv District of Israel, presented his perspective on the Scientology religion when he addressed those attending the dedication August 21, 2012, of the Center of Scientology in Tel Aviv.