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June 12, 2022   •   

Muslim Cabinet Ministers in Australia Hope For ‘New Era’ of Inclusivity

Two Muslim MPs have been sworn in as ministers in Australia’s recently elected government—a first for the country.

March 26, 2022   •   

Islamophobia is Rampant in British Media Report Claims

Two university studies warn of mounting hostility and hate crimes against minority communities in Britain.

September 16, 2021   •   

The Muslim Experience in the Shadow of 9/11

A panel of journalists and scholars speak of the impact of 9/11 on American Muslims.

January 12, 2021   •   

French Anti-Extremism Legislation Threatens Religious Liberty According to Scholars

The French bill to combat religious practice deemed “contrary to the country’s republican values” is a constitutional minefield, according to a white paper issued by European scholars