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September 6, 2023   •   

How and Why Did Mainstream Media Fail to Emphasize Sinead O’Connor’s Muslim Identity in Obituaries?

Major media minimized Sinéad O’Connor’s conversion to Islam.

June 30, 2022   •   

In Europe, When Ritual and Legislation Conflict, Religion Is the Loser

The Bible-based practice of infant circumcision and ritual slaughter practiced by Muslims and Jews is under attack.

March 8, 2022   •   

The ‘Sisterhood of Salaam and Shalom’ Builds Bridges Through Friendship

A remarkable network of Muslim and Jewish women, committed to promoting peace and greater understanding.

March 5, 2022   •   

Memoir Presents a Humorous Glimpse into Life as an American Muslim Post 911

Wajahat Ali uses humor and blunt truths to counter Islamophobic stereotypes.