Citing to the social betterment programs and humanitarian initiatives sponsored by the Church, Dr. Hartney describes the Church of Scientology’s “powerful sense of multiculturalism and respect and dignity for individuals” as “not only welcome here, but is almost essential.” He lauds L. Ron Hubbard as “one of the great religious innovators of the twentieth century.”


I think it’s another foundational stone for Scientology to bring a whole range of other communities together. Upstairs we saw so many people from different cultures and different faiths coming together. That was fantastic, and any organization that embodies that really powerful sense of multi-culturalism, universalism and respect and dignity for individuals, is not only welcome here but it’s essential here.

The things I’m most interested in are the things that you’re doing on the ground, things that are associated with Narconon, Criminon, educational movements, things that have been taken as far as combating ignorance, drugs and a whole range of other things, so it’s exciting to see that a center like this is going to be now the coordination hub for so many in the community activities that your organization runs.

What I feel about L. Ronald Hubbard, and this is becoming increasingly evident in the Academy, is that he is one of the great religious innovators of the twentieth century. So his legacy is fairly astounding, but on top of that he’s looking like one of the great religious spiritual innovators of recent time and for those reasons is a pretty exceptional human being.