In describing his own personal experiences with the help that the Church of Scientology offers, Reverend Youngblood praised the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard as igniting the light of knowledge. He welcomed the new Church of Scientology of Harlem “as a beacon of light in the turbulent seas of our times,” adding, “May it be a mighty lighthouse for the people of Harlem and the people of every borough of our beloved city.”


As we say, the God of the Christian scriptures indeed moves in mysterious ways. His will is not always found in the fury of an earthquake, but also in the stillness and quiet. There came a time when I, the chief caregiver of my congregation, ran smack-dab into a brick wall of need.

The caregiver needed some care and seldom, if ever, are those cared for willing or capable to even recycle or reinvest the care they were given. Brothers and sisters, my strength was weak, my light was dimmed and my burdens were overbearing.

One day I was approached by some of my parishioners who are Scientologists. They lovingly and persuasively suggested that I at least explore for myself, not listen to the rumors, but explore for myself, the technologies of L. Ron Hubbard.

I did the Purification Rundown. I received Dianetics Auditing and I studied courses where I confronted my past: Both things done to me as things that I had done. And people began to notice my glow... my glow was COMING BACK!

And you know the question? Don’t you know the question? “What are you doing? You look so good. You look so peaceful.”

And I today would be remiss not to give honor to whom honor is due—my mama taught me that... “Be big enough to give others their props.” And my testimony today is that the technology of the Church of Scientology by L. Ron Hubbard has gotten me through some extremely entangling stuff.

The technology in one way helped me just by giving me a name for some demons—like engrams! And I am taught that naming the demons is the first step, that is until Clear... “The world wears better when your light shines...” And you, the Church of Scientology, are today in Harlem a shining light.

L. Ron Hubbard’s technology promotes a fundamental type of education. You see, he understood the value of “speaking the language of the people.”

As the Bible I study and read and preach from says, “common people heard him gladly.” And Ron wrote so that all of us could understand.

With his teachings, the light of knowledge comes on and as you progress, you as an individual steadily increase your wattage until you see more truth in the world than you saw before.

So yes, I am a Christian man, and I thank God this day on this occasion for this technology that is the legacy of L. Ron Hubbard that is for the people. Yes! Thank God for the life and spirit and legacy of L. Ron Hubbard!

Our scriptures say, “Go out into the world.” And Scientologist brothers and sisters are out there taking their work unbelievably seriously. Scientologists seek to help people whose faces they’ve never seen, whose eyes they may never look into, and whose names they will never know.

And when the difference is made, then the words are made flesh, they are no longer empty utterances. Then, and only then, is resurrection a reality and not just a possibility.

And so on this occasion of this realized dream, today, this Ideal Church of Scientology and Community Center is raised as a beacon of light, a tower of hope in these turbulent seas of our times. On this day, the analogy of the seed comes to mind.

For when you water it and place it in the right soil, look at what it becomes. So behold the Ideal Org that has blossomed before us... May it be a mighty lighthouse for the people of Harlem, and the people of every borough of our beloved City!

Thank you very much and thank you to L. Ron Hubbard.