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January 4, 2024   •   

Rohingya Refugees Forced Out of Indonesian Shelter By Student Protesters

Hundreds of university students attacked a temporary shelter, demanding asylum-seekers be deported.

August 22, 2022   •   

Sikhs, Hindus at Risk, Unable to Leave Afghanistan Because of Visa Delays

As many as 100 minority Sikhs and Hindus who want to escape Afghanistan are unable to do so.

May 5, 2022   •   

Tennessee Mosques Helped Afghan Refugees Observe First Ramadan in America

Making it possible for Afghan refugees to practice their religion and regain a sense of belonging

September 15, 2021   •   

Pope Francis Urges Hungary to ‘Extend its Arms Toward Everyone’

After meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in private September 12, in a speech at an outdoor Mass attended by tens of thousands, Pope Francis urged inclusion.

January 29, 2018   •   

Baha’i Refugees Find Religious Freedom in Arizona

Praying in a private home is customary for members of the Baha’i faith. That is because in their native Iran, practicing their religion in any visible place of worship could lead to their death.

December 28, 2017   •   

Myanmar Blocks UN Investigation of Rohingya Crisis

The United Nations human rights investigator assigned to look into the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar claims she has been barred from entering the country.

November 8, 2017   •   

Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar Draws Top U.S. State Department Officials

Muslim Rohingya militants, responding to the religious persecution of their people in Myanmar (the former Burma) August 25, attacked police in that country’s strife-torn northern state of Rakhine.

November 2, 2017   •   

CESNUR Calls Attention to the Plight of Refugees Fleeing Religious Persecution

Statement published by CESNUR (Center for Studies on New Religions) in commemoration of International Religous Freedom Day.