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August 31, 2023   •   

“Getting the Jewish Side of the Story”—Yeshiva U Opens Masters Program for Christians

University hopes this will promote Christian engagement in the Near East.

August 8, 2023   •   

How Christian Colleges Nurture Jewish Students

Statue symbolizes the 151 years of Christian and Jewish connection.

June 5, 2022   •   

Glossary to Help Improve Jewish-Christian Relations in Scotland

Forging interfaith collaboration and understanding between the Church of Scotland and the Jewish community

May 5, 2022   •   

Tennessee Mosques Helped Afghan Refugees Observe First Ramadan in America

Making it possible for Afghan refugees to practice their religion and regain a sense of belonging

April 25, 2022   •   

Colorado Faiths Come Together to Promote Religious Freedom and Partnership

Religious Freedom Day was celebrated April 21 at the State Capitol.

April 23, 2022   •   

How The Oldest Congregation in America Celebrated Easter 2022

After two years, the congregation finally celebrated the holiday together...thanks to the East End Temple.

July 21, 2021   •   

Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu Share the Secret of Finding ‘Happiness in Troubled Times’

His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the irrepressible spiritual duo, Nobel Peace Laureates and self-described “mischievous brothers ” known for their playful banter, are the stars in a new film that explores their extraordinary friendship spanning decades.

March 23, 2021   •   

Working Together, Religions Can Generate the Calm and Peace That We Need in the World Today

The president of the Church of Scientology Pasadena shared the Scientology Prayer for Total Freedom with those participating in the weekly interfaith program organized by the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development USA.

February 17, 2021   •   

UK Scientologists Interfaith Outreach Helps Sustain Houses of Worship of Diverse Faiths Throughout the Pandemic

In times of adversity or danger, people often turn to their houses of worship for the succor and support they need. A Scientology sanitization initiative helped congregations practice their faiths in safety.

September 9, 2018   •   

Faith Leaders Sign Declaration of Religious Freedom

Religious leaders gathered last week at the Church of Scientology of Bogotá for an interreligious prayer service and to sign the Interconfessional Declaration of Religious Freedom in Colombia.