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January 4, 2024   •   

Rohingya Refugees Forced Out of Indonesian Shelter By Student Protesters

Hundreds of university students attacked a temporary shelter, demanding asylum-seekers be deported.

July 21, 2022   •   

Indonesia’s Plan to Expand Blasphemy Laws Puts Religious Minorities at Risk

Provisions would criminalize not just proselytization but also apostasy or renunciation of religious belief.

May 22, 2018   •   

Opinion Piece Outlines the Influence of the Islamic State in Indonesia

An article May 20 in the Asia Times presents insight into the influence of the Islamic State in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Islamic country.

November 15, 2017   •   

An Important Step Forward for Religious Freedom in Indonesia

In a surprise advance for religious freedom in the world’s most populous Muslim country, Indonesia, the nation’s top court has overturned a law that denied recognition and legal rights to followers of indigenous native faiths.

May 12, 2017   •   

Former Jakarta Governor Jailed for ‘Blasphemy’ in Alleged Quran Insult

Former Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, popularly known as Ahok, was jailed May 9 after being found guilty of blasphemy. He was sentenced to two years in prison despite prosecutors recommending two years’ probation on a lesser charge.