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March 21, 2024   •   

Movie Review: The Zone of Interest

A searing portrait of the ordinary lives of mass murderers and our similarity to the perpetrators

September 28, 2023   •   

After Four Generations, Worldwide Jewish Population Approaching Pre-Holocaust Levels

For every three European Jews, two perished in the Holocaust.

September 28, 2023   •   

Here Comes the Yiddish Renaissance

Yiddish was a casualty of the Holocaust.

September 7, 2023   •   

Soccer Team Founded by Holocaust Survivors Is First Jewish Group to Participate in 'German Cup'

“We wanted to show that we’re still here—that we’re accepted, that we weren’t ended in 1933”

September 7, 2023   •   

The Devil’s Confession: Adolf Eichmann Tapes Released Posthumously

From beyond the grave, Eichmann freely admits to masterminding the Holocaust.

June 29, 2023   •   

‘My Friend Anne Frank’—a Holocaust Survivor Recalled Her Early Years With the Famous Author

Memoir co-authored by a friend offers new insights into the young girl’s life.

June 20, 2023   •   

A Small Light: The Story of Miep Gies, the Unsung Hero

Dutch woman who risked her life to shelter Anne Frank’s family from the Nazis

June 18, 2023   •   

Book Review: Maus, Praised And Banned For Making Us Confront The Unconfrontable

Cartoonist Art Spiegelman’s graphic novel on the Holocaust

December 29, 2022   •   

Anne Frank’s Diary–The Graphic Adaptation

Opening the door of Holocaust awareness for a new generation

December 13, 2022   •   

World War II Documentary: How Three Italian Doctors in Rome Saved the Lives of Jews

They invented a fake disease to prevent Nazi soldiers from finding their Jewish “patients.“

November 11, 2022   •   

She Was Anne Frank’s Best Friend And The Last Loving Face To See Her Alive

Hannah-Elizabeth Pick-Goslar (1928–2022) and her memories of her best friend Anne

October 3, 2021   •   

The Auschwitz Report: A Film About Two Heroic Survivors of the Holocaust

A feature film about Auschwitz is earning critical acclaim for its gripping narrative and haunting portrayal of the horrors Jews faced during the Holocaust.

January 28, 2021   •   

Holocaust Survivors Awarded Germany’s Highest Civilian Honor

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier bestows his country’s highest civilian honor on two Holocaust survivors.

June 26, 2019   •   

Moot Court in Israel Brings Justice to the Mastermind of the Holocaust

Nearly 75 years after the end of the Holocaust, in a moot court held in Jerusalem, Israeli students brought the architect of Hitler’s eugenics program to justice.

March 25, 2018   •   

Countering Anti-Semitism by Confronting the Past

A recent article in the New York Times explores Germany’s complex social landscape and how it is grappling with the incursion of a new wave of anti-Semitism.

January 18, 2018   •   

Award-Winning Author and Holocaust Survivor Dies

Aharon Appelfeld, author of 47 books, has died at 85. Known mainly for his holocaust fiction, essays and memoirs, Appelfeld received the National Jewish Book Award, the Israel Prize and France’s Prix Médicis. He was appointed Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.