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November 14, 2023   •   

French Protest Against Rising Antisemitism Prompts Heightened Security and Presidential Condemnation

Expressing solidarity with the country’s Jews

August 4, 2023   •   

Europe’s Iconic Churches Struggle to Accommodate Worship and Tourism Amid Influx of Sightseers

Europe’s renowned churches find themselves inundated with sightseers, creating challenges.

July 4, 2023   •   

Why the Fourth of July Has Special Meaning for Scientologists

On the 4th of July 1955, the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, D.C., opened its doors as the first fully established center of training and pastoral counseling of our religion

December 29, 2022   •   

Anne Frank’s Diary–The Graphic Adaptation

Opening the door of Holocaust awareness for a new generation

December 14, 2022   •   

Dalai Lama to Offer Prayers in India

He is scheduled to spend a month in the Buddhist holy city of Bodh Gaya to promote global peace.

November 11, 2022   •   

She Was Anne Frank’s Best Friend And The Last Loving Face To See Her Alive

Hannah-Elizabeth Pick-Goslar (1928–2022) and her memories of her best friend Anne

September 8, 2022   •   

Holland Becomes Latest In Parade of Nations to Officially Recognize the Scientology Religion

The government of Holland has acknowledged the religious nature of Scientology.

August 19, 2022   •   

Pope Blesses Neocatechumenal Missionaries

A Christian association within the Catholic Church founded in 1964 in shantytowns near Madrid by Francisco José Gómez Argüello Wirtz

July 25, 2022   •   

Jewish Agency and its Employees Ordered to Cease Operations and Vacate Russia

In a sudden move, the Russian government ordered the Jewish Agency to remove its staff from the country.

July 22, 2022   •   

Canadian Halal Meat Company Tackles Anti-Muslim Sentiment

Using the internet to combat Islamophobia

July 17, 2022   •   

Sudan Violates UN Convention On Torture by Sentencing a Woman to Death By Stoning

Maryam Alsyed Tiyrab, 20, was charged and convicted of adultery without the representation of a lawyer.

July 10, 2022   •   

Ancient Caves in India, a Marvel of Architecture and Religious Belief

More than 100 caves in India were hand-carved over seven centuries by the followers of three major religious traditions.

July 7, 2022   •   

In Memoriam: Rev. Mildred Hines, First Woman Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

The hand of God led Hines much farther than she might have imagined.

July 4, 2022   •   

Leaders Confront Urgent Issues at the 2nd Annual International Religious Freedom Summit

Seeking broad agreement on the crucial subject of international religious freedom.

May 30, 2022   •   

Giving it Up for Inner Peace

Pháp Dung bid farewell to his worldly possessions and committed to a monastic life.

May 29, 2022   •   

Religious Leaders Share Common Values and a Spirit of Cooperation

Multifaith leaders from around the world participated in a conference to set of values central to all major religion.

May 27, 2022   •   

Dying for Peace

The tragic death of beloved Palestinian Christian journalist, Shireen Abu Aqleh

April 20, 2022   •   

Earth Day Symposium to Discuss Ancient Indian Approaches to Spirituality and Climate Change

Jainism and Hinduism beliefs: the sacredness of all forms of life

April 12, 2022   •   

How Life in England in the Middle Ages Revolved Around the Church—Particularly at Easter

As Easter approaches, an article on History Extra describes what it was like at Easter in Medieval England.

April 10, 2022   •   

A DHS Guide to Safe Religious Gatherings

Department of Homeland Security seeks to prevent violent attacks while Muslims observe Ramadan and Jews and Christians Passover and Easter this month.

March 27, 2022   •   

In the Great Northwest, Buddhism Nourishes a Barber’s Soul

A barber in the Pacific Northwest views each haircut as an opportunity for karmic connection.

March 20, 2022   •   

Ohio Law Affirms the Rights of Muslim Women to Compete in Hijabs

New law prevents schools and their sports regulators from restricting religious apparel unless it poses a legitimate threat.

March 12, 2022   •   

L. Ron Hubbard: A Life Well Lived

Millions across the globe are celebrating L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday March 13 to honor the man who has touched their lives in countless ways.

February 26, 2022   •   

Religious Leaders Condemn the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and Pray for Peace

Russian and Ukrainian religious leaders at home and abroad are speaking out against the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and are calling for peace and mercy.

February 13, 2022   •   

How Faith Groups Are Demanding Action on Climate Change

Across the United States, religious groups are active in defense of God’s creation.

August 9, 2021   •   

Interfaith Caucus Launched in Canada to Further Religion’s Role in Governance

Members of Parliament and representatives of religious communities in Canada come together to discuss the role of faith in governance.

June 15, 2021   •   

Greater Protection for Religious Freedom in Nigeria: A Matter of Life or Death

In an article published June 10 on, International Christian Concern (ICC) focuses on the plight of Christians in Nigeria. The Washington, D.C.

August 20, 2020   •   

Black Churches in Minneapolis Share Lessons With White Faith Leaders

The black pastor of a racially diverse Minneapolis congregation is mentoring ministers of white-majority churches on combating racial injustice and forging meaningful social change.

May 28, 2020   •   

Sikh Doctors Shave Beards to Serve Patients in Pandemic

Two Sikh brothers who are physicians in Quebec chose to set aside one of the most important tenets of their faith to fulfill another one.

May 21, 2020   •   

U.S. Watchdog Condemns Eritrea for Religious Freedom Violations

It’s one of the most dreadful countries for religious freedom and it has shown no sign of improving.

May 14, 2020   •   

Report Finds Religious Freedom is Under Siege Globally

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has released its 2020 annual report, which contains a detailed assessment of 29 countries on the implementation of the right to freedom of religion or belief.