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April 8, 2022   •   

How Two Colonial Jewish Leaders and a President Laid a Course for Religious Freedom in America

Washington’s letter, “To the Hebrew Congregation in Newport,” set a standard for religious freedom and tolerance in America.

January 20, 2020   •   

10,000 Marchers Protest Mounting Anti-Semitic Attacks

Recent violence has mobilized New Yorkers to stand with the Jewish community against anti-Semitism.

September 12, 2019   •   

On the Passing of Suleiman Bakhit—a Modern-Day Superhero

Remembering Suleiman Bakhit, revered for his work as a creator of comic books that give Middle Eastern youth positive role models as alternatives to extremist leaders.

January 11, 2019   •   

Gandhi’s Religious Pluralism and What it Did for India

Although Hindu, Gandhi drew from many faiths in his philosophy and actions and his religious beliefs.

September 19, 2018   •   

Policeman Helps Muslim and Hindu Villagers Reconcile

Two villages, one Muslim and one Hindu, located next to one another in the Indian state of Bihar, have reconciled after many years of mistrust and antagonism.

July 17, 2018   •   

Are Children in India More Tolerant Than Their Parents?

Two studies show there may be a paradigm shift taking place in India on the subject of religious tolerance.

June 9, 2018   •   

Harmony and Respect Marked This Year’s Vesak in Jakarta

An article in the Jakarta Post describes an unusual Vesak celebration in Jakarta, the largest city in Indonesia. Vesak, May 29 this year, is the day of the full moon in the month of May.

June 4, 2018   •   

Breaking Bread With a Muslim Family During Ramadan

A unique interfaith campaign during Ramadan to foster understanding and friendship.

June 1, 2018   •   

Collegian’s Hijab Ignites Political Firestorm in France

Maryam Pougetoux, 19, leader of the Sorbonne chapter of the French National Students’ Union, found herself at the center of a controversy for wearing a head scarf in a television interview.

April 19, 2018   •   

Indian Faith Leaders Condemn Use of Religion to Disrupt Social Harmony

Leaders of Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jain, Muslim and Sikh communities gathered in Margao in the western state of Goa April 5 to take a stand against the exploitation of religious sentiments for political gain.

April 15, 2018   •   

UN Urges Iraq to Support Diversity and Religious Minorities

Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Iraq, Ján Kubiš took up the problems facing post-ISIL Iraq, urging tolerance and support for previously persecuted communities.

March 30, 2018   •   

New Survey Finds 53 Percent of California Muslim Students Bullied

According to a survey conducted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the number of Muslim students physically harmed or harassed at school increased from 9 percent in 2014 to 19 percent in 2016.

January 9, 2018   •   

Intra-Muslim Conflict and Anti-Muslim Sentiment

An article by Human Rights Without Frontiers Director Willy Fautré points out that conflicts and casualties among disparate branches of Muslim theology are far more pernicious in Muslim-majority nations than in non-Muslim nations.

January 6, 2018   •   

Killing in the Name of Religion Condemned by Nigeria President Buhari

On January 2, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari announced his administration will investigate and punish all perpetrators of religious violence in his country. “You can’t kill to please God,” Buhari stated.

December 27, 2017   •   

New Survey Shows Canada Suffers from Religious Intolerance

Results of a troubling national survey in Canada revealed that 23 percent of respondents believe religious diversity is bad, and that 44 percent believe diversity brings a mix of good and bad.

November 9, 2017   •   

Anglican Christian Clerics Attend Second International Conference on Religious Tolerance in the Middle East

Christian religions, and particularly the Anglican Church, have been alarmed by the steady disappearance of Christianity in the Middle East. The number of Christians among the population of these lands has gone from 7 percent to just 1.5 percent, according to 2016 statistics.

November 7, 2017   •   

The World Celebrates 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

On October 31 in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Frank-Walter Steinmeier celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation at an event inside the famous Castle Church in Wittenberg, while German citizens enjoyed a public holiday to honor the occasion.

June 14, 2017   •   

Controversial Kuwaiti Music Video Urges Peace, Not Terrorism

A YouTube video with more than 7 million views condemns suicide bombings and urges people to “bomb hatred with love.” The 3-minute film intersperses people uniting to oppose the actions of a would-be suicide bomber with footage of terrorist incidents in the Middle East.

May 27, 2017   •   

Manchester Whitsun Walk Commemorates Victims of Terrorist Attack

Manchester’s annual Whitsun Walk, celebrating the day the Holy Spirit came upon the Apostles, is usually a joyous occasion.