As the Rev. Dr. Milner told the audience of thousands at the dedication of the new Church of Scientology of Atlanta, “drugs are the almighty oppressor today.” Noting that “we people of faith have to find a way to work together on common ground,” he praised the Church of Scientology for its “mandate to manifest its ability to help. And in that way we can, all together, enter the bright glories of tomorrow.”

Video transcript:

Many years ago, I had the pleasure of marching with Dr. Martin Luther King right here on the streets of Atlanta. We were fighting oppression. Fighting inequality in the education system. My thirst for freedom is born from these experiences.

Drugs are the almighty oppressor today. They cause people to lose their humanity. Then addiction leads to deprivation, which brings about desperation. The crime rate goes up. The educational levels drop and the family structure is torn apart. So, we have an obligation as a society to underwrite the freedom of those afflicted. This foul sickness is turning our society inside out, and we have a responsibility to fight it!

I preach about knowing the truth. I want people to understand how they relinquish their freedom. And so, I feel we must address the mythology that there are some drugs you can abuse that are “safe.” If we are to catch our young people before they begin to experiment, to help them understand the consequences and behavioral changes that are inherent in abusing drugs, then we can cause them to re-consider the choices they make.

Today many young people are abusing prescription drugs. And, they’re being exposed to new synthetic drugs that the laws have not caught up with. It’s a constant battle to get new information about those drugs that might not be as familiar as heroin or marijuana. But Drug-Free World “spills the milk” on what these harmful drugs really are.

The way the Truth About Drugs materials are presented exposes how drugs are actually addictive and harmful. And the residual effect of distributing these materials is the awakening and empowerment of a generation!

Here we are in the face of this direct affront on our society, this little kit containing all the little booklets therein. They are directly targeted to the youth we counsel in our centers. And they have the ability to begin the conversation with our youth of re-considering the negative behaviors prevalent in their schools, and their communities, so they may look at alternative choices. We use these materials—our counselors use these materials—and you are invited to use them!

The way I see it, the Church has a mandate to fill a gap in this community. The narrative from the book of Matthew chapter 25 talks of a judgment: Of how we deal with the stranger; with those who are hungry, those who are sick and in prison, and how we deal with those who don’t have adequate shelter. And so, the Church has a mandate to manifest its ability to help. The world of Scientology or Catholicism or Protestantism, we people of faith have to find a way to work together on common ground.

Your contribution to put this Church here is most certainly a great investment for a stable society. Let’s call it an important beginning of our partnership to serve the people of this city. A partnership that can take responsibility for all. And in that way we can, all together, enter the bright glories of tomorrow.

Thank you and God bless you.