New Scientology religion blog wins Feedspot “Top 50” Award


Just three months since launch, the religious freedom blog has been recognized by Feedspot as one of the 50 best religion blogs on the Internet. Criteria include Google reputation and Google search ranking; influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites; quality and consistency of posts; Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review.

“We are honored that Feedspot chose to recognize our contribution to the global conversation on religion.”

With religious freedom an important principle at the heart of Scientology since the religion’s inception more than 60 years ago, the blog aims to explore and clarify the subject, bringing global headlines down to earth and ensuring individuals have resources to understand what their rights encompass and what religious freedom truly means.

In a world increasingly beset with religious conflict and misunderstanding—where the media and blogs more often cloud than clarify specific faiths and faith at large— works to provide a new and honest perspective.

“We are honored that Feedspot chose to recognize our contribution to the global conversation on religion,” said Luis Gonzalez, Church of Scientology International. “Feedspot recognition reflects that, although new, has already made an impact, and of that, we are very proud. We look forward to further extending and enriching the online discussion about belief.”

Beyond its blog on freedom of religion, serves to provide an in-depth look at the Scientology religion itself through dozens of scholarly papers, a comprehensive overview of its beliefs and practices, and a detailed study of landmark decisions around the world that define religion and protect religious freedom for all.

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