French Scientologists Bring Scientology Social Solutions to Pondicherry, India

A team of French Scientologists, who went to Pondicherry, India, in the wake of last December’s devastating tsunamis, decided to make this city their home. A year later, they are continuing to work with local leaders, officials and individuals, providing Scientology technology to bring hope and a brighter future to the people of this French-speaking region of India.

Pondicherry, India, is a former French colony known as “the French Riviera of the East.” But last December this once-beautiful resort was hit by the tsunamis, which left the entire area devastated.

It was then that a group of French Scientologists arrived to help the survivors put their lives back together.

A year later, this team is an established part of the community, working with all sectors of society to bring the life-changing technology discovered by Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, to the region.

One thing the Volunteer Ministers team provides to residents of the area is workshops based on the Scientology Handbook, the text that forms the basic training of all Scientology Volunteer Ministers. The Scientology Handbook encompasses such diverse subjects as improving communication and relationships, raising children, resolving conflicts, overcoming drug dependency, and a improving the ability to study.

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