Universal Children’s Day - Youth Human Rights

Fifty-one years ago the United Nations General Assembly instituted Universal Children’s Day, to promote “worldwide fraternity and understanding between children” and to focus on the welfare of the children of the world. Yet more than half a century later, every day millions of children are exploited, abused, or are victims of violence.

In commemoration and support of Universal Children’s Day the Brussels-based Church of Scientology International European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights is holding a conference on the 22nd of November to forge and strengthen alliances among concerned groups and individuals so as to make a real impact on the most important human rights issues facing young people.

“We live in a world where children are forced to become child soldiers or prostitutes, or to work as slaves or servants and too many children are growing up in poverty, in war zones, or the victims of ethnic or religious stereotyping that close the doors of opportunity to them,” said Mr. Fabio Amicarelli, Public Affairs Director of the Church’s European Human Rights Office. “The resources and technology exist to improve these conditions, and by confronting the scope of what needs to be done and working in coordination we can change these conditions.”

Anyone interested in participating in the Universal Children’s Day conference should e-mail csiofficedir@scientology-europe.org