Scientologists in the Czech Republic Say NO to Drugs, Say YES to Life

Scientologists in the Czech Republic showed their commitment to ending drug abuse by participating in their third annual Cyclorun earlier this year.

Cyclorun (a composite of cycling and running) is a term coined by members of the Czech Say NO to Drugs, Say YES to Life group. It describes the actions of the athletes who ran through the towns they visited and then cycled to the next town or city, all the while distributing fliers and booklets about drugs and delivering lectures to children on the harmful effects of drugs. They also promoted their new web site that tells the truth about marijuana at , and met with city officials everywhere they went, getting support and signatures from mayors, senators and other officials on their Towns Without Drugs proclamation.

The athletes were inspired to participate in the Cyclorun by the fact that the Czech Republic has more young users of marijuana than any other country in Europe.

This year’s anti-drug Cyclorun started in the town of Hodonin, just a few meters from the Slovakia border and ended 2 weeks later in Prague on June 26th, the United Nations International Day Against Drug Abuse. The Cyclorun covered over 1430 kilometers, visited 40 towns and cities, and delivered anti-drug lectures to over 600 children, gaining enthusiastic support everywhere they traveled.