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March 27, 2020   •   

Religions Share a Common Message in These Trying Times

The Golden Rule as expressed in so many of the world’s religions can help reduce stress and lessen the impact of the pandemic on people’s daily lives.

March 20, 2020   •   

UK Publishes Results of Religious Survey

Results of a survey conducted by the UK Office for National Statistics titled “Analysis of a range of health outcomes of people of different religious identities in England and Wales.“

January 1, 2020   •   

What Does the Future Hold for Religion?

As the world bids goodbye to this millennium’s second decade, what will the next 10 years hold? Religion News Service put that question to an intellectually and spiritually diverse range of scholars, leaders, activists and experts, asking them to reflect on the past decade and use it as a springboar

November 27, 2019   •   

Thanksgiving: A Tradition as Old as America

President George Washington proclaimed the first Thanksgiving in 1789 as a day to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God

May 12, 2018   •   

Ramadan: The Most Holy Month for 1.6 Billion People Worldwide

For some 23 percent of the people of Earth, the holiest month of the year begins this week. The first day of Ramadan is observed according to the local visibility of the new crescent moon.

April 14, 2017   •   

National Sikh Campaign to Raise Awareness, Counter Hate

U.S. Sikhs launched a million-dollar “We are Sikhs” initiative on Vaisakhi Day April 14, the Sikh New Year, that celebrates the founding of the community by Guru Nanak in the Punjab region of India in 1469.