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September 26, 2019   •   

The Release of Asia Bibi Fosters Hope for Religious Freedom in Pakistan

The release of Asia Bibi on May 8, 2019, has brought hope to the international religious community for greater tolerance of religious minorities in Pakistan.

September 25, 2019   •   

The Anniversary of the First Amendment

As revolutionary as the American War of Independence was, the Bill of Rights was even more so, as it guaranteed the rights of the individual—something never previously incorporated incontrovertibly into law.

September 18, 2019   •   

Religious Freedom Awards Promote Tolerance and Diversity

The 6th annual Religious Freedom Awards at the National Church of Scientology of Spain acknowledged three stellar advocates of religious freedom.

September 17, 2019   •   

New Institute Seeks to Protect Diversity of Religious Tradition in Iraq

Award-winning Iraqi religious diversity scholar and journalist Saad Salloum has taken an important step forward toward restoring and maintaining religious diversity in war-torn Iraq.

September 12, 2019   •   

On the Passing of Suleiman Bakhit—a Modern-Day Superhero

Remembering Suleiman Bakhit, revered for his work as a creator of comic books that give Middle Eastern youth positive role models as alternatives to extremist leaders.

September 4, 2019   •   

Interfaith Forum Promotes Understanding and Peace

The Church of Scientology Los Angeles hosts a series of forums to increase understanding and cooperation among local religious communities.

August 7, 2019   •   

Scientology Foundation is Granted UN Special Consultative Status

Fundacion MEJORA, Foundation for the Improvement of Life, Culture and Society, now has official representation at the UN.

August 1, 2019   •   

New Recognition Advances the Humanitarian Aims of the Church of Scientology

The purpose of the Church of Scientology European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights was advanced when the Ministry of Justice of Spain registered the Office as a Religious Organization.

July 20, 2019   •   

What is a Scientology Sunday Service?

The weekly Sunday Service at a Church of Scientology is open to the community and offers a unique opportunity to reflect on common values and renew oneself for the coming week.

July 15, 2019   •   

International Religious Freedom Roundtable: A Vital Movement in the World Today

Of all the events of the 2nd Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, Wednesday afternoon’s segment on the International Religious Freedom Roundtable may well have the greatest impact in advancing religious freedom around the world.