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June 22, 2017   •   

When Belief Is A Crime

We need to wake up, all of us, and realize that every time we allow someone’s religious rights to be kicked aside, we are putting our own at risk. If a group as large and established as the Christian church can be discriminated against and criminalized, what is safe?

June 14, 2017   •   

Controversial Kuwaiti Music Video Urges Peace, Not Terrorism

A YouTube video with more than 7 million views condemns suicide bombings and urges people to “bomb hatred with love.” The 3-minute film intersperses people uniting to oppose the actions of a would-be suicide bomber with footage of terrorist incidents in the Middle East.

June 11, 2017   •   

Russia: Fines, Vandalism Follow Jehovah’s Witness Liquidation

Victoria Arnold, Moscow Correspondent for Forum 18 News Service, a human rights organization based in Oslo, Norway, filed this report on actions against Jehovah’s Witnesses since the Russian government liquidated the religion across Russia in April 2017.

June 9, 2017   •   

Alexander Dvorkin Comes Under Attack for Targeting Hindu Beliefs

Some 1,000 gathered in Delhi to protest Russian anti-cultist Alexander Dvorkin and his denigration of Hinduism.

June 6, 2017   •   

Pew Research Center Reports Russian Attitudes Toward Religion

With increased repression of religious freedom in Russia, an understanding of underlying cultural and religious attitudes is essential in effecting change.

June 5, 2017   •   

As Ramadan Begins, India Prime Minister Urges Tolerance and Diversity

In his monthly radio program to the people of India on the second day of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized religious tolerance and diversity.

May 30, 2017   •   

USCIRF Chair Testifies at “Freedom of Belief: Countering Religious Violence” Hearing

“Today’s hearing is especially timely given the rise in religious extremism and increased restrictions on religious freedom worldwide,” said Thomas J. Reese, S.J., chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, addressing the U.S. Congress Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission May 24.

May 29, 2017   •   

U.S. Rep Frank Wolf (Ret.) Urges Church Leaders to Speak Up on International Religious Persecution

Western church leaders have not been outspoken enough about religious persecution and human rights violations around the world, said U.S. Congressman Frank R. Wolf (Ret.) at a recent luncheon in McLean, Virginia.

May 27, 2017   •   

Manchester Whitsun Walk Commemorates Victims of Terrorist Attack

Manchester’s annual Whitsun Walk, celebrating the day the Holy Spirit came upon the Apostles, is usually a joyous occasion.

May 26, 2017   •   

U.N. Special Rapporteur on Religion Lauds Albania’s Interfaith Tolerance

On completing an eight-day visit to Albania, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief, Ahmed Shaheed, praised the country for fostering interfaith tolerance.