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November 27, 2018   •   

Antiquated Regulation Faces Challenges in the 116th U.S. Congress

The election to Congress of two observant Muslim women challenges a regulation in place for nearly 200 years that would outlaw the wearing of headscarves.

November 25, 2018   •   

A Series of Week-Long Courses Explore Religious Freedom Issues

Six week-long graduate-level courses offered by the Religious Freedom Center of the Freedom Forum Institute focus on creating greater understanding of the First Amendment and its application in today’s world. These curricula are offered to fill the gap in most people’s education.

November 21, 2018   •   

Reflections on the Parliament of the World’s Religions

Blog by Rev. Eric Roux, president of Union of Churches of Scientology of France and Vice President of the Church of Scientology European Office of Public Affairs and Human Rights, on the Parliament of the World’s Religions 2018.

November 20, 2018   •   

25th Annual International Law and Religion Symposium

J. Reuben Clark Law School of Brigham Young University hosted the 25th Annual International Law and Religion Symposium of the International Center for Law and Religion Studies October 7 - 9.

October 29, 2018   •   

For The New York Times, the Truth About Religion is Hard

Germany is still having trouble learning the lessons of its shameful past. Religious discrimination remains alive and well, and the New York Times not only forwards it but amazingly refuses to expose it when given every opportunity.

October 28, 2018   •   

Buddhists Crown Pagoda in Akron, Ohio

Buddhist monks complete the construction of a temple in Akron, Ohio for the local Buddhist community.

October 24, 2018   •   

Pastor Brunson Safely Home in America After Two Years of Prison in Turkey

Christian pastor Andrew Brunson, who served a small Evangelical Presbyterian congregation in Izmir, Turkey, for 23 years, is back in the U.S. after more than two years in prison.

October 10, 2018   •   

New Life for Ancient Zoroastrian Religion

Zoroastrianism, founded in Persia about 3,500 years ago, has become almost extinct in the modern world.

September 19, 2018   •   

Policeman Helps Muslim and Hindu Villagers Reconcile

Two villages, one Muslim and one Hindu, located next to one another in the Indian state of Bihar, have reconciled after many years of mistrust and antagonism.

September 18, 2018   •   

Religious Young Adults Less Likely to Engage in Drugs and Risky Behavior

American Journal of Epidemiology study finds those who attend religious service are more likely to live ethical lives.