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October 10, 2018   •   

New Life for Ancient Zoroastrian Religion

Zoroastrianism, founded in Persia about 3,500 years ago, has become almost extinct in the modern world.

April 20, 2018   •   

Iran Divided Over the Right of Non-Muslims to Hold Office

Muslim and non-Muslim Iranians took to social media to express their disagreement when Zoroastrian Sepanta Niknam was suspended from his city council seat because of his religion. Niknam defeated a Muslim candidate in the election last year in Yazd, a historic city in central Iran.

January 11, 2017   •   

Everyday Religious Questions: Religion scholar and columnist finds surprising similarities in world religions

Dr. Earl Crow taught religion and philosophy at two North Carolina universities—High Point, a private liberal arts university affiliated with the United Methodist Church, and Wake Forest.