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Scientology News and Articles

Cuddalore District Government Acknowledges the Work of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers
Cuddalore is not only the fastest growing industrial area in the Southern India state of Tamil Nadu, it is also home to the most popular resorts of the region. But in December 2004 its magnificent beaches lay in ruins after the Indian Ocean Tsunami decimated the entire area. >>

The L. Ron Hubbard House at Camelback in Phoenix Wins 2007 Arizona Governor's Heritage Preservation Honor Award
The Friends of L. Ron Hubbard Foundation and the Church of Scientology International received the Arizona Governor's Heritage Preservation Award this week for the painstaking restoration they did of the house where L. Ron Hubbard lived from 1952 to 1955 in Phoenix, Arizona. Presented by Mr. Vince Murray, President of the Arizona Preservation Foundation, the award recognizes people, organizations, and projects that represent outstanding achievements in preserving Arizona's historic and prehistoric resources. >>

Australian Scientologist Speaks Out Against Drug Abuse
While a fierce debate rages over the dramatic rise in prescriptions for "ADHD" for children as young as four, there is another side to the ADHD medication issue—street use of these drugs. >>

News from the Tamil Nadu Mobile Volunteer Center
They travel throughout the region, visiting with local leaders, finding out what each village or town needs and providing services that really help. That's how the members of the Mobile Volunteer Ministers Center of Tamil Nadu, India have come to be known, and why they are becoming an institution in the region. >>

Bringing Solutions to Illiteracy and Poverty: The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour Opens in the Philippines
On July 2nd, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Asian Goodwill Tour made their arrival in Manila officially known at a press conference attended by multi-platinum selling singer, David Pomeranz. During the press conference at the University of the Philippines Diliman, the Volunteer Ministers announced their plan to help Philippine citizens by providing them tools they can use to improve their lives. >>

European Volunteer Ministers Cavalcade Targeting Crime in Southern Italy
The city of Bari, Italy should be a great place to live: located on the Adriatic Sea, near some of the most popular resorts of Europe, it is a major financial center with a famous port and a strong economy driven by agriculture and industry. So why would 60 per cent of those interviewed in a survey released two weeks ago say they would have no qualms about moving away from the city? >>

Saluting the Drug-Free Hungary Marathon 2007
For most runners, the marathon is the longest run they will ever attempt. But the Marathon for a Drug-Free Hungary team will probably never look upon a mere marathon as a challenge again, after completing their 7-week-long annual trans-Hungarian run, to promote drug free living and bring the truth about drugs to the youth of their country. >>

Scientologists Pull Together to Create New Ideal Scientology Organizations
Around the world, Scientologists are joining forces to locate and purchase large new premises to greatly expand service to their members and their communities. >>

European Scholars and Human Rights Advocates Applaud ECHR Decision on Scientology Religion
Since the unanimous decision in favour of the Scientology religion by the European Court of Human Rights on 5th April 2007, European scholars and human rights advocates have recognized the importance of this decision, not only in upholding the rights of Scientology churches and their parishioners throughout the 46 countries under the Court's jurisdiction, but in the establishment and protection of religious freedom for all religions in Europe. >>

Scientologists Working for a Drug-Free Dublin
The staff and public of the Church of Scientology Mission of Dublin are very involved in community programs that help improve conditions. >>

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Help Fiji Take a Stand Against Crime
Yellow shirts mingled with blue ones on the first day of Crime Prevention Week, when the Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers South Pacific Goodwill Tour brought their anti-crime initiative to the police. >>

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Provide Effective Solutions to the People of Botswana
For the past year a team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers has been traveling to towns and cities in Botswana, providing courses, workshops and one-on-one help to the people of this Southern African country. >>

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour Effective Solutions for the People of Calcutta
With seven teams traveling through Africa, South America, India, Asia, Central Europe, Russia and the South Pacific, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tours are a vital part of the Church's social betterment mission. >>

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Trans-Siberian Goodwill Tour
Some 800 miles to the south east of Moscow a huge yellow tent suddenly appeared in the center of the city of Perm and it is bringing the message to the people of the region that "Something CAN be done about it." >>

Remembering Katrina
One year ago today, Hurricane Katrina battered Louisiana and Mississippi, putting New Orleans under twenty feet of water. >>

Historic Audio-Visual Presentation of World's Foremost Human Rights Charter Released at United Nations
Fifty-eight years after adoption, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights comes to life in 30 PSAs. >>

Fiji Welcomes the Scientology Volunteer Ministers South Pacific Goodwill Tour
In Suva, Fiji the Scientology Volunteer Ministers South Pacific Goodwill Tour was warmly welcomed to the capital by traditional dancers and more that 200 other dignitaries including the Deputy Mayor, the Deputy Director for Immigration, the Minister of Youth & Sports and the Police Commissioner. >>

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Combating Violence in the City of Buffalo
The Scientology Volunteer Ministers of the Church of Scientology of Buffalo are working with community groups and other churches to make Buffalo a model city. >>

Drug-Free Ambassadors Helping the Youth of New South Wales Avoid the Pain of Heroin Addiction
If you've seen a group of kids in parks, at fairs or on the streets of New South Wales passing out booklets and getting kids to sign an anti-drug pledge, you have probably met the Sydney Drug-Free Ambassadors. >>

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Working to Restore Calm in a Violent Region
Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Tel Aviv has been helping to restore calm and security in the face of violence and destruction. >>

Help from Down Under, The Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Sydney
The Church of Scientology of Sydney helped over 13,000 this past year through their weekly outreach actions in their community. >>

Volunteer Ministers of Brescia, Italy Working in the Community to Improve Conditions
The bright yellow tent of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers has become a common site to the people of Brescia. >>

The Drug-Free Marshals Take Aim for a Drug-Free Los Angeles
With the National Drug Threat Assessment 2005 Summary Report warning that Los Angeles is a national-level cocaine distribution center supplying every region of the country, the Los Angeles Drug-Free Marshals have stepped up their work to protect the young people of their city from drug abuse. >>

Youth for Human Rights World Tour Arrives in New Zealand
The Youth for Human Rights World Tour members reached Auckland, New Zealand, where they were given a tradition Maori welcome at a Maori meeting center in Otara, a suburb of Auckland. >>

Youth for Human Rights 2006 World Tour Arrives "Down Under"
In Sydney, Australia, the 26th stop of their 2006 World Tour, Youth for Human Rights International focused on the urgency of full implementation of the right to education. >>

South Korea Empowered with Tools to Accomplish Universal Human Rights
Civil and government leaders welcomed Youth for Human Rights International to South Korea this week, praising the human rights education campaign they have created in partnership with the Church of Scientology International. >>

The Philippines Embraces Youth for Human Rights International's Human Rights Education Campaign
As they near the completion of their 2006 World Tour, Youth for Human Rights International travelled to the Philippines where they met with educators and civil and community leaders who embraced the goal of the group — to make human rights a global reality. >>

A Message of Peace in a Time of Mounting Violence in the Middle East.
At a time when images of bombings and death in the Middle East fill the headlines and TV screens around the world, Youth for Human Rights International visits the region with a message of peace through human rights. >>

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Officially Launch the Trans-Siberian Goodwill Tour
A team of 20 Scientology Volunteer Ministers from the Church of Scientology of Moscow boarded the Trans-Siberian railway this week, signaling the official launch of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Trans-Siberian Goodwill Tour >>

Ukrainian Youth Find Out About Their Human Rights
Over the next year a predicted 1500 lost or runaway children between the ages of 3 and 18 will spend up to three months at the Kiev City Orphanage for Youth and Teenagers. It was a group of these young people that Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) addressed on the importance of human rights. >>

Youth for Human Rights International Brings a Message of Peace to a Troubled Ukraine
Arriving in Kiev after four months of post-election deadlock, with supporters of two political parties attempting to seal off approaches to parliament in protest, Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) and the Church of Scientology Mission of Kiev called on the people of the Ukraine to uphold a respect for human rights in these times of political and social upheaval. >>

Scientology Churches in Italy Protecting Italian Children
As Italy is a transit point on the trafficking of heroin from southwest Asia through the Balkans to Western Europe, Italian Scientologists have created a Say NO to Drugs group to safeguard the children of the country. >>

Scientology Spokesperson Inducted into San Mateo County Sports Hall of Fame
Bob Adams, spokesperson for the Church of Scientology International supports the "Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life," campaign through which Scientology churches around the world have printed and distributed more than 8.3 million brochures laying out the facts about drugs. >>

Youth for Human Rights International World Tour 2006 in Italy
The Youth for Human Rights World Tour arrived in Italy this week, the 5th country of its 2006 World Tour. Here the group premiered public service announcements promoting the 11th and 12th Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: The right to be considered innocent until proven guilty and the right to privacy. >>

Youth for Human Rights International World Tour 2006 In the Capital of Germany
Youth from the Berlin chapter of Youth for Human Rights International celebrated their freedom as part of the Youth for Human Rights International 2006 World Tour. >>

Youth for Human Rights World Tour in England Educating Youth on their Rights and Responsibilities
It was not just a normal day for the youngsters in one Brighton school: these 12 to 16 year-old students were participating in a very special class, delivered by the President of Youth for Human Rights International >>

Church of Scientology International Unleashes Global Assault on Drug Abuse
Church's 10 million drug information booklets lend key support to UN's "Drugs Are Not Child's Play" program. >>

Youth for Human Rights International Begins its 3rd Annual World Tour.
Youth for Human Rights International launched its 3rd annual World Tour this weekend as part of their campaign to make human rights a fact through implementing human rights education around the world. >>

European Human Rights Award Event Focuses On Putting an End to Modern Day Slavery
Brussels — With an estimated 1.2 million children trafficked every year, the need to put an end to modern slavery was the emphasis of a ceremony held in Brussels to honor four "Human Rights Heroes" in Brussels last week. >>

Church of Scientology of Budapest Sponsors The Fifth Annual Hungarian Anti-Drug Marathon
A dedicated team of Scientologists have gained support from all sectors of Hungarian society to bring about a Drug-Free Hungary. With the completion of the Fifth Annual Anti-Drug Marathon they have brought the message to towns and cities throughout the country to "Say NO to Drugs." >>

US National Winners of "Human Rights Hero Awards" Show What Can Be Done by One Individual
Washington D.C. — A ceremony to honor four national winners of the first Human Rights Heroes Award drew a standing room crowd — from legislators to human rights and religious leaders and teenager advocates — at the Rayburn Congressional Building on Capitol Hill on the night of May 23rd, 2006. >>

Church of Scientology International Sponsors Workshop on Human Rights in Bulgaria
Brussels — With Bulgaria's January 2007 entry into the European Union approaching, this week's "Government & Religion" workshop, hosted by the Brussels-based Church of Scientology International European Public Affairs and Human Rights Office, concentrated on what is needed for Bulgaria to comply with European human rights standards. >>

With 56th Anniversary Nearing, Dianetics Speeds Toward 22 Million in Sales
Los Angeles, CA—For weeks, the most basic approach to parenting using Dianetics principles has been making headline news worldwide—and the result is a surge of public demand for L. Ron Hubbard’s bestseller, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, and its practical answers to achieving success and happiness in life. >>

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Exhibit Effective Help For Today’s Poland
WARSAW, POLAND—From Central European floodwaters to the South Asian tsunamis, and from Ground Zero to the London terror bombings, Scientology Volunteer Ministers have traveled the world, providing effective help in times of peril. >>

Church of Scientology International’s Freedom Magazine Honored with Award of Excellence
DALLAS, TX — Freedom, the investigative journal of the Church of Scientology International, received the Award of Excellence from the Religion Communicators Council (RCC) for the magazine’s in-depth online feature report, “North America’s Crime of the Century.” >>

Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Budapest Helping to Protect the City
With the worst floods in recent history predicted for Hungary, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of the Church of Scientology of Budapest mobilized their disaster relief team last week to assist local officials to cope with the crisis and prevent it becoming a disaster. >>

African Humanitarian Honored with Human Rights Award
The Paris chapter of Youth for Human Rights International presented Mr. Yeka Futy, with the Know Your Human Rights Hero Award, a special honor given to caring adults who have made an impact in their areas through stellar human rights activities and the implementation of one or more of the articles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. >>

Los Angeles — Church of Scientology International responds to inquiries concerning the application of Dianetics and Scientology principles to child birth. What is a quiet or silent birth? >>

A New Mission Opens in Štúrovo, Slovakia
Across the Danube River from Esztergom, Hungary, is the town of Štúrovo, Slovakia, the home of a brand new Scientology Mission, specializing in providing Dianetics training and counseling in Slovak and Hungarian. >>

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Relief Team in Australia
A category 5 cyclone with winds up to 290 kilometers per hour (180 miles per hour), Cyclone Larry made landfall in northern Queensland, Australia, leaving an estimated 140,000 homes and businesses without electricity. Grateful that there were no reported deaths from the storm, Australians nevertheless realized the gravity of the effects of the worst cyclone in the country’s history, which cost the region nearly its entire banana and sugar cane crop and caused some half billion dollars of damage. >>

Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard Honored at Worldwide Celebration
Scientologists, friends and admirers this week are celebrating the extraordinary life of international best-selling author and founder of the Scientology religion, L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986). In conjunction with his March 13 Birthday, more than 6,000 people gathered on L. Ron Hubbard Way at the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles and another 5,000 in Clearwater, Florida to celebrate the 95th anniversary of his birth. These events are being followed by Scientology celebrations in cities in over 120 countries around the world. >>

Scientology Drug Education Campaign Sounds Alarm over “Legal” Gateway to Drug Hell
LOS ANGELES, CA — Thursday’s headline news from Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, where 16-year-old Amanda Behrent’s life ended with an overdose of painkillers and alcohol at a “sleepover” party, is illustrative of an alarming trend: the abuse of prescription drugs amongst people of all ages and social brackets.>>

UN Special Rapporteur Criticizes France for Undermining Religious Freedom
— Calls on French observatory to set standard of tolerance and non-discrimination — The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief has strongly criticized France over “the different measures that were taken at the governmental and parliamentary level in the second part of the 1990s (that) undermined the right to freedom of religion or belief and raised serious concerns about religious intolerance.”>>

Italy and California Joining Hands for Human Rights
At first glance, there are hardly two towns in the world that have less in common than Watts, California and Padova, Italy. Watts is a classic American inner-city area. While community leaders are determined to create a cultural renaissance in Watts, media all too often stereotyped this city by focusing on racial tension and gang violence between its Hispanic and African American populations.>>

Church of Scientology Mission of Avignon, France
Avignon, France, an administrative, economic and cultural center of Provence, is the home of the Church of Scientology Mission of Avignon. Scientologist Danielle Ambert teamed up with Richard Lore, Mission Director of the Church of Scientology Mission of Nice, France, to open this mission, which has recently moved to beautiful newly renovated premises at 20 Rue de la Bonneterie, a walking street in the center of the city. >>

Church of Scientology International Announces World-wide Human Rights Hero Contest
At a Hollywood event featuring Golden Globe-winning actress, Anne Archer and Ms. Norma Foster, President of the Pacific-LA Chapter of the United Nations Association, Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) in partnership with the Human Rights Department of the Church of Scientology unveiled two new international human rights awards. The awards sparked so much interest that the event was webcast to human rights advocates around the world. >>

L. Ron Hubbard Receives Honorary Humanitarian Award in Brussels
The Award of the Help the Needy Foundation: “For the legacy that he left mankind through his contribution to raising moral standards” >>

Can a Sikh Be a Frenchman?
Paris: On December 5th 2005 The French High Court ruled that Sikh Shingara Singh Mann had the right to wear his turban for his driving license identity photo, overturning the Ministry of Transport's earlier decision forbidding this practice, but within 24 hours of the decision, the Ministry of Transport issued a circular expressly forbidding turbans to be worn in drivers licenses photographs. >>

Tunbridge Wells Is Home to the Newest Church of Scientology Mission in the United Kingdom
With the exhilarating music of the Jive Aces, and the welcoming words of Councillor Stanley Ward, the keynote speaker for the event, the Church of Scientology Mission of Tunbridge Wells holds its official Grand Opening. The mission provides Scientology training and counselling services, and many programs to help the community. >>

Another Church of Scientology Mission Opens in Slovakia
Welcomed to its new home with traditional Gypsy music, the Church of Scientology Mission of Martin, a town of 60,000 residents in northern Slovakia, is now the 13th Scientology mission in that country. Located near the city of Zilina, where another Scientology Mission was opened last week, the staff and executives of the Martin Mission provide Scientology and Dianetics training and counseling and introductory services available to their community. The mission is located at Kollarova 90, 036 01 Martin, Slovakia.

Zilina Church of Scientology Mission Grand Opening
Surrounded by forests and mountains, Zilina is one of the most beautiful cities in Slovakia. It is also the home of the newest Church of Scientology Mission in Central Europe. The Zilina Mission, which held its Grand Opening this week, offers Scientology and Dianetics training, seminars and counseling and many programs to help the community.

Human Rights Sign-A-Thon—A Huge Success!
The first “Human Rights Sign-a-thon Weekend,” a grass roots activity to get thousands of citizens signing onto a petition to raise awareness and teach human rights, was a huge success! Teaming up with like-minded groups and organizations, Churches of Scientology around the world participated. >>

On-line Human Rights Seminar, The Balance Between Humanitarian Aid and Human Rights Activism
In the humanitarian field there are many groups and individuals working hard and tirelessly to deal with the immediate or imminent threat to the survival of millions of people. >>

Human Rights Film European Premiere in Brussels
Racism, ethnic discrimination and slavery are the subject of the award winning full-length human rights documentary, Faces of Change, having its European premiere on the 22nd February at the Church of Scientology International European Human Rights Office in Brussels. The event is co-organized by the European Roma Information Office in conjunction with the European Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance. >>

Human Rights Campaign Sparks Interest throughout Europe
In country after country, the popularity of Youth for Human Rights International’s (YHRI) human rights campaign continues to grow. >>

Scientologists Celebrate Australia Day with a Pledge to Be Drug Free
In Parramatta, Australia, a city in the Sydney metropolitan area, a group of young people called the Drug-Free Ambassadors celebrated Australia Day this year by offering a helping hand to the youth of the area, educating them on the truth about drugs and encouraging them to pledge to be drug free. >>

Human Rights Music Video Wins Top Honors in Bulgarian Film Festival
At an awards ceremony at the “Humanitarianism in the Global World Film Festival” in Sofia, Bulgaria, top honors went to the UNITED music video, the centerpiece for the human rights campaign co-sponsored by the Church of Scientology International and Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI). >>

Scientology Churches Sponsor Effective Anti-Drug Program
The Church of Scientology International European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights supports the work Scientology churches around the world are doing to combat drug abuse and help young people live drug-free lives. >>

UNITED Music Video—Educating Youth on Human Rights
When 19 year old Taron Lexton created UNITED, an emotionally-charged human-rights hip-hop music video, he never expected that 4 million people would be watching it in movie theaters throughout Hungary in 2006. This is exactly what will happen. >>

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Honored in Indonesia
This week the President of the Church of Scientology of Australia accepted four awards on behalf of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers who provided disaster relief in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. >>

Church of Scientology International Pays Tribute to Scientology Volunteer Ministers
“Our Volunteer Ministers have delivered 2.8 million hours of one-on-one help in the last 12 months alone,” said Edward Parkin, the Vice President for Cultural Affairs Church of Scientology International. “This started right after the Asian tsunami; then at the bomb sites in London; through hurricanes Katrina and Rita in Louisiana and Mississippi, all in addition to helping people in every corner of the globe.” >>

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